Serious vulnerability observed on Unisoc processors loaded Android Phones


A vulnerability alert has been issued against the smartphone devices operating on Unisoc processors, and the cyber threat seems to be serious as hackers can take control of the device to access text messages, call logs, contacts, and other such information like photos and videos.

A report released by Kryptowire mentions that threat actors can take control of the entire device, just by taking control of the processing chip through a vulnerability.

As the devices working on Unisoc processor come bundled with a pre-installed app that doesn’t have any authentication protocol, it can help people having malicious intentions by allowing them to steal data.

As most of the budget phones announced by OEMs run on the said Chinese chipset, all the devices have been bundled to be on the verge of being exploited.

Motorola, Nokia, Honor, HTC, ZTE, RealMe, Samsung Galaxy-A series modeled phones use the said chipset for their computing operations and so are considered being affected by the vulnerability.

The good news is that the processor-making company has addressed the issue as soon as the flaw was brought to its notice. But since the flaw was existing since December last year, hackers could have exploited the vulnerability by now to steal sensitive data from the IoT and smart devices.

Note- Unisoc is a noted chip maker that offers communication technologies on 2G/3G/4G/5G network bands. The company is now occupying 25% of the market share in the market of mobile processors, just behind Qualcomm and Intel.


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