Sophos to end ransomware threat with Intercept X

    Sophos Group which offers security software and hardware to enterprise networks has announced that it is going to end ransomware threat on a permanent note with its newly developed ‘Intercept X’. The IT security vendor has assured that its new product will protect files from the malicious spontaneous encryption processes which favor ransomware propelled by cyber crooks.

    ‘Intercept X’ is a security product developed by Sophos after the purchase of SurfRight in 2015. As ransomware spread is taking place in epidemic proportions, Sophos is hoping to provide a permanent cure to the dreaded malware.

    Coming to the technicalities of Intercept X, it is a solution which is designed to reside alongside traditional antivirus or antimalware solution. The solution scourges malware on a regular note and focuses on the suspicious behavior of processes driven by ransomware. The behavioral analysis then leverages ideologies of root cause analysis to better understand the impact of identified malware and then starts protecting the endpoints on a network from all kinds of cyber attacks.

    Furthermore, Sophos updates Intercept X keeps a track of new exploits as soon as they are discovered and updates the new attack metrics in its database. Thus, in future, all these new updates serve the purpose of improving the detection process and quarantining process of Intercept X.

    On an additional note, Intercept X has the ability to interact with the other endpoints on the network via Sophos Central which is a unified console that rolls up endpoint protection into a management platform.

    Currently, Sophos is offering a 30 day trial of Intercept X to those managing enterprise networks. Hope, it helps the CIOs evaluate the product capabilities, features, and support

    Note- Sophos is an IT security company serving companies since 32 years. It is primarily based in Oxfordshire of England and provides security software to mid-market and pragmatic enterprises.

    Naveen Goud
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