Spain issues a high alert for Cyber Terrorist Attack

    Civil Guard which happens to be the oldest law enforcement agency for Spain has issued a countrywide alert over a possible Cyber Terrorist Attack. FYI, the alert was issued by a high ranking official from Civil Guard who alerted the parliament that the entire IT infrastructure operating in the country including public and private entities was vulnerable to a cyber attack.

    Speaking before a Congressional Committee on Tuesday, Colonel Luis Fernando Hernandez Garcia said that a retaliation military attack should be prepared to respond to the most dangerous hypothesis.

    Hernandez Garcia urged lawmakers sitting on the National Security Mixed Committee to prepare themselves against an intensified cyber attack. However, he failed to mention on who is going to launch the cyber attack and what’s their motive in doing so.

    In general, cyber attacks are launched for economic reasons, while some can be launched to create havoc with cyber involved Jihadist terrorism.

    Going through the facts, 80% of critical infrastructure in Spain is in hands of private companies. This includes Water, Energy Supply, air traffic, and more. So, the government of Spain needs to get a synergy between the public and private sectors in order to mitigate the risks associated by state-funded cyber attacks.

    What’s interesting in this whole story is that Colonel Garcia mentioning the all veto power nations at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) as Spain’s cyber adversaries. Therefore, as Russia, the United States, China, France, and Britain happen to be the 5 permanent members of UNSC, Spain treats all of them as its future enemies in the cyber landscape.

    So, according to Colonel Luis Fernando Hernandez Garcia, the Cyber Attack can be launched by any of the above-said nations.

    Naveen Goud
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