T-Mobile pays $200,000 to buy its customer data from hackers

T-Mobile suffered a data breach last year and tried to buy its data back from hackers after paying an amount of $200,000 against the demanded 6 BTC. But it seems the negotiations failed and the cyber crooks continued their activity of selling the data in a freshly breached hack of the firm named Company 3.

Well, the information was accessed from the court documents related to RaidForums domain seizure conducted by the FBI and DoJ in coordination with Europol. And was first revealed by the technology resource Motherboard.

BTW, the Chief Administration Officer and founder Diego Santos Coelho of Portugal, was arrested in the united kingdom on January 31st,202,2 and was extradited to the United States in connection with a lawsuit.

Motherboard has clearly specified in its media revelation that the court documents never mentioned the name of T-Mobile company. But it was referred to as Company 3, which holds the number one position in the Telecom sector of the United States.

The most interesting part of this story is the negotiations that took place between the mobile company and the hacker. A third party was hired to strike a deal with the hacking group and $50,000 was paid in Bitcoins to buy a sample of stolen data. And then an amount of $150,000 was forwarded to a cryptocurrency wallet.

However, the hacker/s did not stand by their word and instead sold the stolen data for more money.


Naveen Goud
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