Play Ransomware attack news and Extortion Attempt on Water utility

A ransomware named Play hit an entire judiciary system, therefore forcing the officials to shut down the IT systems since August 13th 2022. Argentina Judiciary of Cordoba is a government-based service that was hit by the malware last week, forcing the officials to use pen and paper for submitting official documents and to purview other […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

1) Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has given an update that all those who are using Adobe products and services should be cautious, as hackers can easily hack their systems by exploiting multiple vulnerabilities in the software. According to CERT-In, the attacker can gain access to admin privileges, execute arbitrary codes and write arbitrary […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

If you thought Windows 11 operating system machines were safe from Ransomware, then you better think twice before concluding. As information is out that those spreading Magniber Ransomware are after Windows 11 Machines and have targeted around a hundred by now. According to a research conducted by 360 Total Security, Magniber ransomware attacks have increased […]

Apple Audio Code has severe vulnerabilities affecting millions of smart phone devices

Apple’s Audio Codec that was developed in 2004 and made as open source software since 2011 is reportedly filled with severe security vulnerabilities that could trigger panic among Android users. Apple Lossless Audio Codex (ALAC) is the open source software that is in discussion and is now been picked up by many smart phone manufacturers […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

1.) Notorious Hive Ransomware group has published details of 850,000 patient records belonging to Partnership HealthPlan of California and said that a portion of data will be sold on the dark web, if the healthcare provider doesn’t bow down to its ransom demands. As an incident response, the Partnership HealthPlan of California says that it […]

Apple Inc issues fix to Pegasus Spyware vulnerability in iPhones

Apple Inc has proudly announced that it has issued a fix to the famous Pegasus Spyware vulnerability existing on iPhones that could lead remote hackers to take control of the device to conduct espionage. Factually, the newly detected flaw was an addition to the already detected Pegasus malware flaw that was developed by NSO Group […]

How secure is Apple iPhone 13 Satellite Connectivity

Apple Inc has made it official that it is going to launch its flagship iPhone 13 in September second week this year and an official statement from the technology giant reveals that the device is going to get an additional feature as Satellite Connectivity support. What that means is that iPhone device users who are […]

Some newly found details about Chinese Hacking Group APT41  

All these days we only knew that APT41 was a Chinese state sponsored hacking firm that was involved in over 100 cyber-attacks that also involves ransomware attacks.   Recently, Cybersecurity firm Internet 2.0 divulged some extra details about the APT41 that is suspected to have involved in the Microsoft Exchange Server hack of 2021. It […]

Wipro to acquire Australia-based Cybersecurity firm Ampion for $117 million 

Wipro, an Indian multinational Technology company, has released an official statement that it is going to acquire Australia-based Ampion for $117 million. The deal will, however, be subjected to certain stipulations prevailing in the international market and regulatory filings.  Sources say that the purchase deal will close by June 30th,2021 provided all regulatory approvals are […]

Cyber attacks on Microsoft Exchange Email Servers could surge up cyber insurance claims  

From February this year, there have been multiple instances where hackers have taken control of corporate networks by exploiting vulnerabilities in MS Email Exchange Servers. CyberCube, a cyber analytics firm, claims that the rise in cyber-attacks on Microsoft servers could also increase cyber insurance claims filed by many companies.   The analytics stated that SMBs […]

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