Microsoft seeks evidence from the US on Huawei espionage with its 5G network equipment

The Controversial trade war between the US and the Chinese Huawei 5G equipment suppliers has taken a new turn with American software giant Microsoft seeking evidence from the Trump administration that the 5G network equipment supplied by the Chinese telecom company is indeed conducting espionage. Logically speaking trade wisely, Huawei happens to be the No […]

Donald Trump United States launches Cyber Attacks on Huawei staff

Huawei Technologies Co which has been banned from selling its 5G products and services in the United States by Trump administration has alleged that the White House has launched cyber attacks on its staff and partner operations to further tarnish the image of Chinese Telecommunication Company in the international markets. “Huawei’s intranet and internal information […]

Huawei data scandal in South Africa  

A news post published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) states that Huawei with the help of Chinese intelligence has helped two South African politicians to spy on their opponents to steal their campaign’s data secrets and whereabouts. Officials from Huawei have rejected the claims made by the WSJ and said that it was the […]

Expectations from the 5G network revolution are high in the United States

As the world is getting ready for a 5G Network transformation expectations are getting high from the 5G revolution. Analysts suggest that the network will run with 10 to 100 times faster speed than the present generation of 4G and will be more secure than what the current day stats are showing up. To those […]

Apple acquires Intel Smartphone Modem business for 5G

In Feb this year, there were rumors that Apple is all set to acquire a business unit of Intel to strengthen its stand on 5G network transformations around the world. And as speculated, Apple Inc made an official announcement early today which states that it has acquired Intel’s Smartphone Modem business for $1 billion. If […]

Google to play a ‘peacemaker’ role between Huawei 5G and Donald Trump

After trump administration decided to ban the use of Huawei 5G equipment in the government offices of the United States since Sept’18, the Chinese vendor has been struggling to ring-in its sales figures. Last month, after Google announced that it will no longer offer support to Huawei smartphones running on Android, the issue seems to […]

Chinese intelligence is funding Huawei says US Intelligence

Chinese Telecom giant Huawei which is already facing a lot of flak from western countries for conducting espionage through its 5G equipment supply has received a new allegation from the CIA of the United States. The US Intelligence says that the telecom equipment manufacturer & supplier is reportedly receiving some secret funding from Chinese intelligence […]

Cloud and 5G to boost network security business says Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks which is known to offer network security solutions has come up with a forecast that cloud and 5G services will boost network security business in upcoming years. James Yu, the country manager of Palo Alto Taiwan revealed the details when announcing the revenues of the company which touched USD $711 million for […]

Huawei 5G Mobile Security risks can be managed says the UK

Britain’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has issued a green signal to the use of 5G technology from the Chinese company Huawei and added in its statement that the mobile security risks involved in using the technology from the company can be managed with precision. Thus, UK becomes the only country to support the innovation […]

Poland puts a ban on Huawei after arresting a Cybersecurity expert

Finally, Poland has joined the list of countries which have imposed a ban on the usage of Huawei devices and services in their region. This development took place after the law enforcement authorities of the said nation arrested the director of the Chinese tech giant and one of their own, but former cybersecurity experts for […]

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