Google Adwords accounts are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

An Auckland based SEO marketing agency has issued a warning to all digital marketing agencies operating in New Zealand and across the world that their Google Adwords accounts are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Kim Voon, the CEO of Insight Online- termed as a leader in SEO Marketing in New Zealand said yesterday that the money […]

Facebook needs to explain this to the World

A survey conducted on 20,000 secondary school pupil says that 1 in 5 children- some as young as 10- are creating social media accounts that they keep a secret from their parents. A vast majority of the fake accounts are said to prevailing on Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram which heightens fears that X-rated content is […]

How to spot fake Twitter Accounts

As Mid Term Elections in the US is fast approaching, Twitter which touts itself as one of the leading social media platforms has issued tips to spot fake Twitter accounts through which fake news is usually found propagating. The social media giant has issued an election integrity framework on Monday where it stated new guidelines […]

Turkey hackers sneak into social media accounts of US Journalists

According to the latest alert issued by Cybersecurity Firm CrowdStrike, hackers being funded by Turkish government are said to be breaking into the social media accounts of many US journalists in order to sneak into their minds on the current political situation in the United States. As US Journalists use their respective social media accounts […]

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