3 Ways to Overcome Challenges of Managing a Remote Workforce

This blog is the second installment of our series addressing the challenges of a remote workforce. In part one, we explored three major challenges managers of a remote workforce must overcome. If you haven’t yet, go back and read the first entry. A remote workforce has its benefits, including access to a wider talent pool and […]

3 Challenges of Managing a Remote Workforce

As more and more employees are working from home. reports that 63 percent of companies have remote workers, yet more than half of these companies lack a clear remote work policy.  Many companies are choosing this path because it reduces the overhead costs of operating out of a shared office space. There’s also the benefit of […]

How to Cut Business Costs by Employing a Remote Workforce

As we have seen over recent months it is possible for your business to get more mileage out of your current budget without digging into gigabytes of data. (Though data-mining and workflow optimization is one way to boost profits.) More and more companies are ending their leases and transitioning to a remote workforce. By transitioning to and […]

Using Employee Monitoring to Act on Productivity Insights

This blog was originally posted on Working remotely has its challenges, but several tools make it easier than ever for managers and employees to stay connected. Thanks to teleconferencing software, project management programs, communication tools, Wi-Fi, and even good ol’ coffee, employees have the resources to get their work done no matter where they’re […]

Remote Workforce Analytics: Top 5 Reasons Why More Visibility Helps Your Remote Teams

This blog was originally posted on Having visibility into a team’s processes and projects is important to every manager. However, when you’re managing a remote team, visibility becomes even more critical. How can you guide your staff on priorities and deadlines when you aren’t sure what’s actually going on behind the scenes? With remote […]

Top 5 Tips to Effectively Manage a Remote Workforce

This blog was originally posted on Even before COVID-19 took the world by storm, giving everyone a “new normal,” remote work was already on the rise. Prior to the global pandemic a study by Upwork from their Future Workplace Report found that 5x the number of hiring managers expect more of their team to work […]

Preparing for a Pandemic: How to Ensure Productivity and Security When Employees Must Work from Home

by Rita Selvaggi This article was originally posted on ActivTrak The global reach of the coronavirus has elevated the discussion around the need for “social distancing” and working remotely to avoid spreading the infectious virus. Global companies like IBM, Goldman Sachs, and PwC are asking employees to work from home, as are smaller organizations, such as Seattle-based online […]

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