Google kills Google + after bug exposes 496,000 user details

Google has finally decided to shut down the business of Google + after a software bug in its servers exposed critical user data to third-party developers. As a result of the data exposure of nearly 496,951 accounts, the business unit of Alphabet Inc. has decided to disable the consumer functionality of the service for the […]

EU penalizes Google with $5 billion fine for monopolizing its Android Software

We all know that Google offers some of its default apps on its Android smartphones which include its Chrome search browser, Youtube, and Gmail. But the European Union (EU) has slapped an anti-trust penalty of $5 billion on Google for indulging in such practices which is almost equivalent to a yearly budget contributed by the […]

Google to offer Self Destructing Email service

Google is all set to soon revamp its ‘Gmail’ service and will probably be offering innovative security tools such as self-destructing emails to messages which will expire after a certain period after delivery. Also, Gmail users will get ‘smart reply’ services allowing users to select automatic responses such as “Thank You” to relevant emails and […]

Google decides to offer cyber security for countries hosting elections

Internet Juggernaut Google has decided to offer cyber security related assistance to all countries which are about to host elections (ex. Germany and France). In its latest media briefing, Google made it official that it is going to offer assistance to election organizers and civic groups which are interested in defending their public interest related […]

Google Alphabet CEO terms Russia as the biggest Cyber threat to the US

Alphabet which happens to be the parent of web giant Google has termed Russia as a nation offering a biggest cyber threat to the US more than any other country. Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Alphabet said that all recent actions of Russia confirm that they indulged in invasions, attacks, and alterations which can […]

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