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Cyber Attack on Tesla Inc Cloud Systems allows hackers mine cryptocurrency

Tesla Inc, cloud systems which are being hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) were being exploited by hackers to mine cryptocurrency since January this year. And the activity was discovered on Tuesday by a team of researchers from Redlock who also confirmed that the cyberattack took place via unprotected Kubernetes console of automaker Tesla. Technically […]

Amazon Web Services acquires Cybersecurity Startup Sqrrl!

Amazon Web Services has made an official announcement that it has acquired Cybersecurity startup Sqrrl that was spun out by two former top-level executives of National Security Agency(NSA). The cloud services provider also confirmed that more such deals of purchasing businesses from US Intelligence Agencies will continue in near future. In November 2017, Amazon Cloud […]

Hackers earn $250,000 from Cryptocurrency Mining on Oracle WebLogic and People Soft Servers!

Morphus Labs, a Portugal based company which carries out research on Cyber Security has reported early this week that hackers have installed malware related to Cryptocurrency Mining on Oracle WebLogic Servers and People Soft Servers last year and have succeeded in earning $250,000 through the fraudulent activity. Renato Marinho, the Chief Research Officer from Morphus […]

Chinese firm acquires AWS assets for 2 billion Yuan!

Chinese firm Sinnet Technology has announced that it is going to acquire all the assets of Amazon Web Services (Chinese Division) for 2 billion Yuan or $301 million approximately. The assets include servers and all other IT Infrastructure based on those devices. Sources close to Cybersecurity Insiders say that the agreement on this issue has […]

Amazon Web Services offers new Cloud Security feature to vulnerable S3 customers

From early this year, they have been multiple high profile incidents which said that AWS customers have inadvertently left data unprotected on S3 servers making it easy to access for hackers. For instance, a well known hacking group was found accessing unprotected data of Accenture and Dow Jones from Amazon’s Simple Storage Service. Obviously, such […]

Sophos allows its business partners to become Cloud Security providers

Sophos, a UK based security Software, and Hardware Company have announced that it is expanding its partner’s program to offer training, certification and monetary help to channel partners who are interested in using or migrating to the public cloud. This will help the channel partners of the security firm to better recommend their respective customers […]

Google to offer new Titan Chips enriched Cloud Secure Services

Internet Juggernaut Google has decided to enrich its public cloud services with Titan Chips. The move is said to help differentiate the web services giant from the offering of its rivals Amazon Web Services Inc and Microsoft Corporations Azure. Google has decided to make an official announcement in this regard on Thursday this week and […]

AWS services misconfiguration exposes users to risks related to Cloud Security!

Security Vendor Threat Stack has conducted a recent study on the usage patterns of AWS users and found that 73% had some form of misconfiguration that could expose them to potential security risks. The security vendor is all set to present the study at the Amazon Web Services Summit and is said to expose more […]

Dome9 decides to offer multi Cloud Security

Dome9, which offers cloud infrastructure security for enterprises, has decided to offer Multi-Cloud Security to its users. Thus, enterprise users who rely on multiple cloud services to attain utmost security in their cloud environments usage will be pleased to embrace Dome9 product suite features from now on. All these days, Dome9 used to strongly push […]

Google boosts its cloud security plan with KMS!

Google in intent to compete with its competitors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure has decided to boost its cloud security plan. The web services juggernaut is now testing a new Cloud Security service called Cloud Key Management Service (KMS). The Cloud KMS will allow companies or cloud computing service users manage their own […]

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