Google launches Android Enterprise Mobile Security Essentials

For all the Small and Medium Scale Businesses(SMB) operating across the world, here’s some good news from Android OS giant Google. The tech giant has launched a new service tool titled Android Enterprise Essentials that offers the privilege of mobile security to businesses. As companies are switching to remote work operations and BYOD, Google has […]

New Research suggests 2 pattern mobile security on Android phones

To those still using pattern unlocking feature on their Android mobile phones, here’s a mobile security update to rejoice. A new research has confirmed that multiple patterns of unlocking on android phones offer greater security than the single pattern method that is being used now. And the study further suggests that it can be secure […]

Signs that confirm that an Android Smart phone is hacked

As the use of Android based smart phones is increasing, studies suggest that these gadgets are becoming favorite targets to hackers and cyber criminals. Now to those who aren’t aware about the tech of ‘Smart Phone Hacking’ here’s a gist on it. A smart phone hack means presence of malicious apps or software such as […]

Qualcomm Mobile Processors are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

According to a study carried out by the security researchers from Check Point, over 40% of Android phones operating on Qualcomm Processors are vulnerable to cyber attacks. A reported released by the Tel Aviv based Cybersecurity firm suggests that the chip sets produced by Qualcomm were exhibiting 400 security flaws that could be exploited by […]

Microsoft offers Mobile Security protection for Android users

Microsoft (MS) has announced that it is entering a $10 Billion mobile security market with its Defender ATP Antivirus designed for Android devices. However, the catch is that the solution will not be available in the open market and so Android device users cannot download it from the Google Play Store.   The American technology […]

EventBot Android malware caught stealing data from Financial Apps

All those who are using financial apps are hereby being warned that a new kind of Android malware is seen stealing data from more than 200 financial apps by bypassing the 2 Factor Authentication (FA) feature.   According to the research conducted by Cybereason Nocturnus, the malware’s name is ‘EventBot’ and is known to bypass […]

A Billion Android smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to hackers

A recent survey conducted by “Which?” has discovered that over a billion Android-based smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to hackers. The report says that more than 40% of people using Android-based devices are susceptible to hacks as their devices are running on the older version of software giving hackers a fair chance to snoop on […]

Android vulnerability leads to malware scare

Kaspersky Lab has found a serious vulnerability in the Android operating system which can be used by hackers to launch malware attacks and steal information related to the smartphone user and transmit it to the servers of cybercriminals. Named as Shopper.a. the malware tends to break into the Play Store after disabling Google Play […]

Beware of these Android apps in this Christmas season

All those who are using Android operating system loaded smartphones are hereby informed that they should be aware of some notorious apps which could ruin your Christmas season this year. Cybersecurity researchers from Barracuda Networks have discovered in their study that some Christmas themed apps are proving malicious as they are having a lot of […]

Android Malware draining money in bank accounts

A new malware variant is said to be targeting millions of Android phones through a vulnerability that is yet to be actively exploited. And developers are insisting on the fact that the Trojan is well capable of draining money from bank accounts.   Security researchers from Cybersecurity Firm Promon claim that “ StrandHogg” Vulnerability is […]

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