Apple makes iOS 12 Mobile Security Impeccable

Apple is said to position its next version of the operating system at a peak when it comes to mobile security. Apple iOS 12 which is said to make its debut this fall is touted as the most secure and safe operating system platform released by the Cupertino giant till date. Firstly, the iOS 12 […]

North Korea uses Samsung, Microsoft and Apple technology to carry out Cyber Attacks

A recent study made on the cyberattacks launched by North Korea proves that the Kim Jong UN-led country employs hacking technology coming from the Donald Trump-led United States. A Massachusetts based Cybersecurity Intelligence company named Recorded Future has discovered in its research that North Korean government is using devices from Microsoft, Apple and Korea based […]

Apple aims to restore Mobile Security Trust among its software users

Apple Inc, an American Technology giant renowned for its iPhone series produce has decided to restore ‘Mobile Security Trust’ among its software users in coming years. The aim is to deliver quality software and win back the confidence of its device users who in recent times were bogged down when the company captured headlines for […]

Donald Trump pushing hard for Smartphone Backdoors

United States 45th President Donald Trump and his administration are reported to be pushing hard for legislation which makes it mandatory for law enforcement to access encrypted devices. In fact, a news article published in New York Times last month says that the Trump Administration is asking cell phone manufacturers including Apple to create a […]

Apple Employees leaking secret info could face 5 years jail term

Apple Inc, the iPhone making giant has reminded its employees of the consequences of leaking secret info meant for internal references. The company issued a memo saying that all those caught in leaking the company’s product info to media resources will be heavily fined and could also face a 5-year jail term. Since, 2017, Apple […]

New Apple iOS Camera Bug raises Mobile Security concerns

Apple Inc, an American Multinational Technology company renowned for its iPhone series is back in the news; but for all wrong reasons. A new Apple iOS Camera bug is found to be fooling the users by making them visit a malicious website. Security researchers from Infosec found the bug and are said to have reported […]

These Android Smart Phone OEMs are touted to be most secure

Do you know which Android Smart Phone OEM offers timely security updates to its users? Any guesses? Well, most of you might name Samsung as the best OEM offering security updates in a timely manner. But in reality, Samsung gets average marks when it comes to security, while Google which offers Android OSes to its […]

Apple yet to detect fix to Indian Telugu letter bug!

For all those who are waiting for an Apple iPhone Bug fix related to Indian Telugu letter ‘జ్ఞ‌ా’ (pronounced as Ghyna) here’s an update related to it. The American Multinational company is yet to find a fix but says that its researchers are already behind it and will come up with a solution by this […]

Leaked iOS source code could spell trouble for Apple Inc.

An anonymous hacker has posted an iOS source code on a Github triggering concerns that almost all iPhones of Apple Inc are vulnerable to hackers. But the technology giant says that the code belongs to outdated iOS 9 software that wouldn’t affect users running newer versions of Apple software. But the skilled hacker named ‘Zioshiba’ […]

Apple, Cisco, Allianz, and Aon offer protection to companies vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

American Technology Giants Apple, Allianz, Cisco, and Aon have launched a holistic cybersecurity solution which offers a combination of cyber insurance coverage, resilience evaluation, and secure technology to businesses vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Announcing early this week, Apple stated that its new solution will offer customers an access to response team services such as insurance […]

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