Artificial Intelligence

Google to influence doctor decisions in the USA with AI-driven patient data

Google, the technology giant of America has tied up with over 70 hospital networks in America to develop a doctor decision influencing AI by analyzing more than 32 million patient records. A healthcare-based algorithm has been in development since 2018 for which data related to over 32 million patients from different streams has been accessed, […]

Microsoft teams up with AI driven Darktrace against Cyber Threats

Microsoft, the American technology giant has teamed up with Darktrace to help customers detect and respond to cyber threats in an automated way. Cybersecurity company Darktrace integrates its threat analysis intelligence with machine learning tools offering enhanced security features across varied cloud platforms and enterprise environments, thus easing work pressure for the security teams.   […]

EU to regulate AI based Facial Recognition

European Commission (EC) is planning to devise a new framework that regularized the usage of AI based Facial Recognition technology that all technology based providers need to comply with. The much awaited legislation that has been pending on the table for approval may see a light by this year end as it still needs to […]

DeepMind of Google to use AI to discover drugs faster

DeepMind, a solely owned company of Google, is all set to make drug discovery faster by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recently, the company cracked a 50 year biology conundrum that basically represents the shapes gained after the folding of proteins. This was achieved by 92% accuracy with the use of data driven by machine learning […]

Artificial Intelligence to help against multi stage Cyber Attacks

Zero day attacks are a serious threat to computer networks, and a recent research says that the attacks can be curbed with the use of machine learning algorithms. In fact, security analysts say that the tool can prove as a cost effective solution to defend organizations from the present day cyber threats. A research carried […]

AI can guess 100 billion Cyber Attacks before they take place

Artificial Intelligence Technology has the power to guess cyber attacks and digital frauds even before they could occur said an AI expert named Derek Manky at the virtual conference sponsored by the Institute for the Research of the Methodology of Intelligence in association with Israel Defense. Sharing his insights on the current Cybersecurity landscape Mr. […]

Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity market to generate $101.8B by 2030

Artificial Intelligence(AI) propelled Cybersecurity market is said to create a revenue of $101.8 billion by 2030(on a global note), surging from just 8.6 billion in 2019-says a survey conducted by ResearchAndMarkets. The survey also states that the market will generate the said amount of revenue from a segmented market that includes fraud detection, threat intelligence […]

Saudi Arabia to depend on Huawei for National AI Development Programme

Saudi Arabia is all set to depend on Huawei on the kingdom’s National Artificial Intelligence Development Programme. The National Center for Artificial Intelligence (NCAI), a subsidiary of Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority(SDAIA) has approached the Chinese Telecom giant for the development of AI strategy execution and AI innovation in its region. Thus, under the […]

Artificial Intelligence can detect mental stress in Pregnant Women

We all know how stressed are women when they are going through the pregnancy stage. But researchers say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can aid doctors by proactively analyzing the underlying mental stress in women, thus helping them to experience motherhood in a stress freeway.   A 12-year long study, carried out at the University […]

AI to help identify COVID 19 victims through cough

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithm developed by researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is said to help detect COVID 19 victims through cough. And results state that the algorithm is efficient enough to differentiate asymptomatic people with those who haven’t caught up the infection.   MIT states that the algorithm was developed after […]

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