Google allows Workstation actions only with two admin authentication

Google has consistently prioritized enhancing trust among its users by introducing novel defensive measures to counteract cyber threats like phishing attacks. Moving forward, Workspace users can expect an added layer of protection against takeover attempts, as a new safeguard necessitates approval from two administrators. This signifies that any modifications pertaining to the workspace will only […]

Microsoft and its Passwordless Authentication on Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 Passwordless Authentication will fail, say, experts from WatchGuard Threat Lab. The analysis was done when the American tech giant announced it is going to remove the password based logins entirely from its platform in the next couple of years. It is a fact that the Satya Nadella led company is planning to […]

How to use a physical security key on Twitter and where to get it from

In April this year, social networking giant Twitter made it official that it will allow its physical security keys as a 2FA for its users using its web or app version. Now the Tweeting giant has clarified that users will be allowed to use their security keys as the only form of two factor authentication, […]

Fresh SamSam Ransomware attack campaign targets 67 organizations

SamSam Ransomware was found hitting organizations operating in the US again and this time mostly those belonging to healthcare. A survey conducted by Symantec discovered that at least 67 organizations were hit by the said data locking malware this year, with 61 of attacks reported in the US alone. Just a minute number of attacks […]

Identity and Authentication in a BYOD World

This post was originally published here by  Chantelle Patel. The growing demand for mobility in the workplace is causing IT departments to rethink how they allow users to access corporate data. Bring your own device (BYOD) programs are becoming more popular in large enterprises because they offer increased savings and flexibility for employees working remotely. While there […]

Wireless Carriers of United States unite on Mobile Security Solutions

In order to address major issues related to mobile security, four major US Wireless Carriers- Verizon Communications, AT&T, Sprint Corp and T Mobile have decided to team up to provide a new method of securing mobile solutions through Mobile Authentication Taskforce. Currently, all the above specified 4 companies hold a ZACKS Rank of 3. Zacks […]

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