Autonomous Cars

Apple autonomous cars to be out by 2025

Apple has announced that it is planning to release a fleet of autonomous cars by the year 2025 and will make them run only on electric power. Thus, with the announcement, the tech giant has clarified that it will compete with the likes of Tesla, GM, Ford in producing driverless cars that need no human […]

Cyber Threat Concerns may create hostile conditions for Connected Car Sales

Cyber Threat Concerns may create hostile conditions for the sales of Connected Cars, says a survey conducted by Irdeto. The survey also disclosed that among the present set of consumers who own connected cars, 59% are concerned that their vehicle could become a potential target for hackers in near future. Of the survey conducted across […]

Cyber Attacks on Connected Cars will increase says Kaspersky

Kaspersky has warned the owners and riders of all connected and autonomous cars that the said transport mediums are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. The researchers from the Russian Security Firm have come to the conclusion after carrying out a research on remotely controlled cars manufactured by automobile manufacturers like Toyota. Note 1– Connected Cars […]

Trillium Inc vows to eliminate cyber attacks on Autonomous Cars

Trillium Inc, a Tokyo-based company has pledged to close the cyber security gap that threatens to stop self-driving cars from being hijacked or stopped midway. Very recently, the company received Series A Financial funding to strengthen its stand in the business of cyber security and lead investors who were involved in the investment includes Global […]

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