Can ban on ransom payments block ransomware spread

Recently, the FBI initiated a global operation aimed at disrupting the infrastructure utilized by the ALPHV hackers responsible for spreading ransomware. Despite this effort, the criminal group managed to bounce back swiftly and launched even more sophisticated attacks. Just a short while ago, the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) launched Operation Cronos to counter the […]

List of countries that issued TikTok ban due to data security concerns and benefits

The concerns raised by the United States regarding the use of TikTok on government-owned devices led to restrictions on its usage during the Trump administration. However, under President Joe Biden’s leadership, a comprehensive ban was implemented on the video messaging app owned by the Chinese conglomerate ByteDance owner Zhang Yiming. The primary rationale behind this […]

Google bans 173,000 malicious app developers

Google has issued a ban on approximately 173,000 application developers who tried various methods to get their software published on its Play Store. The web search giant has officially confirmed that it has weeded out a large number of bad accounts and has announced that it will raise the bar even further this year. According […]

Australia to issue ban on ransomware payments after Latitude Financial Cyber Attack

The Australian government is set to issue a complete ban on ransomware payments after one of its major financial lenders became the target of a massive file-encrypting malware attack on March 16th this year. As the victim received a ransom demand in Tornado Cash on April 11th, 2023, the Albanese-led government is considering banning cryptocurrency […]

After Italy, Germany to issue ban on the ChatGPT use

ChatGPT, released by the Microsoft-owned OpenAI, has been temporarily banned by Italian government agencies due to data security concerns. Following the same, on Monday, that is April 3rd, 2023, the German Commissioner for Data Protection told Handelsblatt that Germany may follow in Italy’s footsteps and impose a ban on the usage of the AI-driven conversational […]

Is banning Chinese products in the name of National Security working for countries

Donald Trump, during his regime as President of America, imposed a ban on the use of Huawei and Dahua products across the states as the two companies are alleged to be conducting corporate espionage to steal intellectual property. And western countries like Australia, the UK, Canada, and Europe followed the same. But is this ban […]

Russian Cybersecurity software provider Kaspersky is banned

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a press statement on Friday last week, determining a ban on Russian Cybersecurity software provider Kaspersky deeming the firm as a threat to US National Security. FCC also extended the list by adding two other companies, China Mobile International USA and China Telecom Corp, and stated that they will […]

WhatsApp ban issued across the UK for military personnel

Britain’s military personnel were ordered not to use WhatsApp messaging app anymore, as Russian hackers were using the app’s location service to track down individuals and kill them using missile attacks. Though the built-up theory seems illogical, as WhatsApp functionality is under full encryption, a missile attack that took place on Sunday on a training […]

Russia ban on Cryptocurrency to curb ransomware spread

Russia’s Central Bank is seeking government’s inputs to impose a ban on the mining and use of cryptocurrencies- all to curb the spread of cyber crimes such as ransomware spread and cyber terrorism. A report published by Bank of Russia aka Central Bank of Russian Federation confirmed the move and added that it is looking […]

New disputes to arise from ransomware payments ban

As the law enforcement agencies are urging ransomware victims not to make any ransom payment to hackers, as it not only encourages crime but also doesn’t guarantee a decryption key for sure in exchange for the payment. Some security analysts say that this could give rise to fresh troubles to businesses and their owners on […]

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