Can we get loan to pay ransom in ransomware attacks

Nope, says a renowned international bank from UK. Instead, the ransom pay can be covered from a cyber insurance policy, provided it is taken prior to the launch of the attack and covers the costs associated with the malware attack. Moreover, paying a ransom in a ransomware attack is generally discouraged for several reasons: No […]

Indian ICICI Bank data breach exposes 3.8 million customer information

ICICI Bank, an Indian bank with a business presence in over 15 countries, has become a victim of a data breach, leaking information of more than 3.8 million customers or 38 lakh customers. The banking giant says that the news of the data breach is false, as its preliminary inquiries have revealed that the available […]

Almost all Banks in Pakistan become victim to Cyber Attack

The banking system in Pakistan took a nasty hit this week when an analysis made by Pakistan Computer Emergency Response Team aka Pak CERT revealed that data of more than 19,961 cards belonging to the customers of over 22 major banks in Pakistan were put on for sale on the dark web. According to the […]

Tesco Cyber Attack faces £ 30 million fine from UK Financial Watchdog

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), well known as UK’s Financial Watchdog is all set to impose a £ 30 million fine on Tesco for Cyber Attack. Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to notify a fact over here that Tesco Bank became a victim of Cyber Attack in November 2016 and reimbursed £ 2.5 million as […]

FBI alert on malware attacks on ATM starts with a cyber attack on India

Last week, FBI of the United States issued an alert to all large banks operating in Britain saying that hackers could launch concerted global malware attack to withdraw money from free to use ATMs from this month end. It seems that the attack has already started with the cyberattack on a bank operating in India. […]

Start your week with these news snippets related to Cyber Security

Fifa World Cup Apps are vulnerable to cyber threats- San Francisco based mobile security company named Pradeo has found that almost all the Euro Sports Apps related to the FIFA World Cup Football are filled with over 63 vulnerabilities each related to Cyber Threat. This includes apps which have been downloaded more than 1000 to […]

UK Bank Fraud victims can dial 555 to report Cyber Attacks

The United Kingdom will soon launch an emergency hotline number ‘555’ for victims to complain about bank fraud. The idea is to make the new hotline number a central repository to alert banks of illegal money transfers which can help crack down scams. As the idea is being backed by Ministers, Financial Chiefs, and police […]

Hackers cyber attack phones to steal money from UK bank accounts!

It is really disappointing to learn that scammers have found a new way to steal money from their victims. And this time their deeds are resulting in literally emptying the victim’s bank accounts. Moreover, law enforcement agencies have discovered that fraudsters are using text messages sent by banks to customers to launch such cyber attacks. […]

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