ECB orders for Cyber Attack Stress test on banks

From 2024, the ECB will launch cyber attacks on major noted banks to check their IT infrastructure’s cyber resilience towards sophisticated attacks. Andrea Enria, the head of the ECB, announced the decision Supervisory, after banks operating in Europe observed a sharp rise in attacks on their infrastructure, after the start of the Russian war with […]

Banks and other Govt organizations badly hit in New Zealand by Cyber Attack

A Cyber Attack that hit servers of several banking institutions of New Zealand(NZ) has disrupted the online services for over a week now. And although the banking officials say that the issue was resolved within 48 hours, many customers still could not login into the online banking website or app witnessing several issues such as […]

US Intelligence warns against Cyber Attacks on Banks from North Korea

North Korea’s noted hacking group ‘The BeagleBoyz’ seems to have set its eyes on all the bank ATMs operating in United States and across the world as the US Intelligence agencies have warned that the 2015 founded hacking group has turned highly active in recent times. Released as ‘Substantial Activity Report’, the warning released by […]

Google trending news headlines related to Cybersecurity

Firstly, the news headlines which are trending on Google and related to Cybersecurity happens to be an agreement made between Estonia and the United States. According to sources, both countries have recently signed an agreement to share cyber threat intelligence in order to automate the data exchange related to cyber threats. A company named Cybernetica […]

Hackers infiltrate BriansClub to pass on stolen 26m credit card info to banks

In an event first of its kind reported hereafter, hackers- probably those indulging in ethical hacking have infiltrated into the database of BrainsClub website for stealing info of more than 26 million credit cards to return the data to the banking industry. BrainsClub happens to be a black market web portal that collects and sells […]

Online shopping in the UK now needs a security code to buy Online

Most of the UK’s online shopping customers from now on may face chaos while making their favorite purchases via the web as the new anti-fraud rules will make it mandatory for consumers to enter an online banking security code received via their smartphone to complete a purchase. Yes, what you have read is right! Those […]

Physical Cyber Attack makes 8 European Banks bleed Millions

A study conducted by Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has discovered that at least 8 European banks have fallen prey to a cyber attack launched physically by hackers to siphon tens of millions of pounds. Kaspersky Researchers say that the attack was launched through physical devices such as Netbooks, Raspberry Pi devices and Bash Bunnies planted […]

Almost all Banks in Pakistan become victim to Cyber Attack

The banking system in Pakistan took a nasty hit this week when an analysis made by Pakistan Computer Emergency Response Team aka Pak CERT revealed that data of more than 19,961 cards belonging to the customers of over 22 major banks in Pakistan were put on for sale on the dark web. According to the […]

UK banks to roll out Name Check Safeguard feature to curb fraudulent transactions

To all those online banking users in the UK, here’s some news to rejoice. At last the banking association in the UK has given a nod to implement ‘Name Check Safeguard’ feature from next year to help fight fraud and alert bank customers to suspicious transactions. Now, to those who aren’t aware of this feature- […]

Bank ATMs in the UK can be hacked any time says FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) of the United States has issued a fresh alert which says Bank ATMs in the UK can be hacked any time soon. The confidential alert says that some high profile cyber crooks, probably backed by some state-funded hackers are plotting a concerted global malware attack on free cash vending machines […]

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