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 Twitter suffers a major security breach as prominent accounts get hacked

Twitter accounts of many prominent personalities like Kanye West, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Kim & Khloe Kardashian were hacked by cyber criminals who then displayed a requesting message to transfer bitcoins to anonymous e-wallets controlled by hackers. What actually happened? Some hackers tried to take over the […]

Microsoft wants to work with Trump as it did with Obama on Cybersecurity

Microsoft, the American Multinational Technological company has taken a vow to work with US President Donald Trump as it did with Barack Obama previously on Cybersecurity. The company’s main objective behind this initiative is to protect US citizens from Cyberthreats of all range coming from hackers, groups, and adversaries. The decision was announced by Microsoft […]

Meet the Barack Obama ransomware

Sometimes strange names put to malware catch the attention of media who are always in the zeal to disclose newly discovered web viruses to the world. One such happens to be Barack Obama’s Blackmail Virus Ransomware. First reported by the MalwareHunter team, this ransomware is said to only encrypt.EXE files on a computer after which […]

National Risk Management Center to guard US Energy Companies against Cyber Attacks

It’s official that a new National Risk Management Center is said to guard the US energy companies against cyber attacks launched by state-funded actors. This news was shared to the world yesterday at a New York Security conference by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstein Nielson who added in his statement that the top priority of the […]

Blame Barack Obama for Russian Cyber Attack on Democratic Email Servers

US President Donald Trump has blamed Barack Obama for failing to prevent Russia’s cyber attack on democratic email servers. The statement was issued by the 45th president after the news broke out on Friday that 12 Russian military officers were involved in conducting espionage on the email servers of the Democrats in 2016 which eventually […]

Passport numbers were stolen in Equifax Cyber Attack

News is out that passport numbers of nearly half of the US population were stolen in Equifax Cyber Attack which took place last year. And the credit bureau agency admits that nearly 147 million were affected in the attack. After the congressional inquiries, it is said that over 3200 passports numbers, 12,000 social security card […]

Donald Trump pushing hard for Smartphone Backdoors

United States 45th President Donald Trump and his administration are reported to be pushing hard for legislation which makes it mandatory for law enforcement to access encrypted devices. In fact, a news article published in New York Times last month says that the Trump Administration is asking cell phone manufacturers including Apple to create a […]

Great British Firewall blocks 54 million cyber attacks and news about Lauri Love

United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Center(NCSC) has disclosed that its security teams have succeeded in blocking around 54 million malicious online attacks last year and have taken down around 120,000 fake websites- all as a part of a ‘Great British Firewall’ program designed to stop cybercriminals targeting the public to steal money and sensitive data. […]

Obama administration response to Russian Cyber Attack on US Elections 2016

All these days several media resources were seen accusing Trump administration of being silent on Russia’s election interference through cyber attacks. But did anyone think on what the former US President Barack Obama was doing at the time when the conspiracy to push the election results in favor of a specific US Presidential candidate was […]

McAfee proves that Russia used ‘Fake News’ to influence 2016 US Election voters

McAfee which released a recent report on security threats has confirmed that Russian hackers influenced the US 2016 Poll results by propelling fake news to distract and confuse voters. This led to the crowding of genuine information that could have better guided their decisions. Vincent Weafer, Vice President of McAfee Labs said that such incidents […]

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