Are We Experiencing the End of Biometrics?

[By John Gallagher, Vice President of Viakoo Labs] Biometric security is often viewed as superior to passwords when it comes to protecting sensitive systems or data. The interface between physical and software security, verified by unique personal identifiers like iris scans, fingerprint scans, or voice verification, seemed to render biometrics invulnerable to the types of […]

Can Biometric Monitoring Improve the Cybersecurity Posture of Data Centers

Data Centers play a pivotal role in today’s digital landscape, serving as the backbone of information storage and processing for organizations worldwide. As the volume and sensitivity of data continue to grow, the importance of maintaining robust cybersecurity measures within data centers cannot be overstated. In this article, we will explore the potential of biometric […]

WhatsApp adds Biometrics mobile security login for Desktop and Web Login

In coming days, all you WhatsApp users out there interested in making a login through a desktop or a web app will have to go through a biometrics security login feature where-in users need to authenticate themselves with a fingerprint, face or Iris scan. However, all depends on the device capabilities and will be besides […]

Jewelry to unlock an iPhone or authenticate a digital payment

As biometrics are replacing the passwords and pins, a company has come up with jewelry which has an embedded fingerprint used to authenticate a digital payment and unlock an iPhone.   What’s amazing in this saga is that the jewelry ring was developed by a Cybersecurity firm and not a regular jewelry brand.   Russian […]

Google Pay users get Biometrics Security

All those who use Google Pay for making digital payments might feel happy by knowing that the technology giant has introduced Biometrics security to allow users to protect their online transactions using fingerprint and facial recognition features. The feature can be seen in the latest 2.1 version of the app and will be rolled out […]

Fingerprint sensors on Samsung Galaxy 10 can be hacked says Samsung

Samsung which happens to be one of the top smartphone manufacturing leaders in the world issued a press statement yesterday that the fingerprint sensors on its Samsung Galaxy 10 devices can be hacked with the help of low-cost screen protectors or transparent cases. Yes, you don’t need a 3D printer, high-resolution camera, latex molds or […]

Apple iPhone fails to recognize Katie Price

As more and more Apple iPhone users are grouping up on twitter to express their rampage against the facial Recognition technology available on iPhones. The tech company seems to be unperturbed with the backlash. All these days, those using Face ID on iPhone X struggled to unlock their phones early in the morning as the […]

Apple acquires Image analyzing Startup Regaind!

Apple has acquired Image Analyzing french startup Regaind probably to envision its future objective on Mobile Security. Regaind is a small startup company which offers game-changing insights to companies through artificial intelligence. So, Apple desires to use Regaind’s computer vision API in all its future device releases and solve the issues which cropped up through […]

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