Bitcoin Cyber Attack leads to Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi Twitter hack

At same time last year, a notorious hacking group somehow infiltrated the servers of Twitter and posted cryptic bitcoin related promotional tweets on a few of the celebrity owned twitter accounts. This year seems to be the turn of Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi, as the threat actors hacked his Twitter account and posted a […]

Monero replaces Bitcoin for Sodinokibi Ransomware operators

As Bitcoins and BTC transactions are no more anonymous, those propelling Sodinokibi Ransomware have decided to abandon Bitcoin and switched to Monero Cryptocurrency acceptance. It is already a fact that law enforcement agencies with the help of some technology companies have started tracking the ransom payments made in BTC currency. So, some operators who were […]

Ransomware attack on Winnipeg Mattress and Furniture Store

A mattress and furniture store named Best Sleep Centre located in Winnipeg is said to have become a victim of a ransomware attack. Hackers reportedly locked down the database of the store and demanded a cryptocurrency of 0.6 bitcoins or $6000 in Canadian currency in exchange for the decryption key. David Keam, the owner of […]

Fake Ransomware attack claims hit email boxes in the West

Online users in Western Countries, especially in US and UK, have become soft targets for a new type of ransomware attack campaign. Security researchers from Sophos Labs say that the inboxes of email users are now being targeted with scary messages that say that a nasty ransomware infection is going to infect their computers if […]

Leominster pays $10K in bitcoin to free up data from a ransomware attack

Leominster school district located in the scenic locales of Worcester County, Massachusetts is reported to have paid $10k in bitcoin to free up data from the ransomware attack which encrypted its entire database early this month. Mayor Dean J Mazzarella said that the ransom payment made for the cyber attack will be debited from the […]

North Korea blamed for a cyber attack on Turkish Financial Sector

From the past one year or so, many media sources from around the world were seen accusing North Korea and its leader Kim Jung Un for launching cyber attacks on their public and private digital assets. Now the latest to join is a cybersecurity firm named McAfee which accuses North Korean hackers group Hidden Cobra […]

Man sues T-Mobile for failing to provide Mobile Security to his Cryptocurrency!

Can you imagine that a hacker can easily sneak into your mobile phone to steal your bitcoins or other digital currency? If not please read the following post and educate yourself on the latest events happening in the cyber world. In the year 2015, Carlos Tapang of Washington decided to invest in crypto coins and […]

Hancock Memorial Hospital becomes a victim of Ransomware Attack

Hancock Regional Hospital located in Hancock County, Indiana has become the latest victim of SamSam Ransomware attack. The healthcare services provider announced on Sunday that a group of hackers has shut down their computer network by encrypting the database and are demanding a sum of $55,000 worth of cryptocurrency to decrypt the database. As of […]

Ransomware spreaders are seen dumping Bitcoins for rival Crypto Currencies!

Ransomware spreaders or those demanding ransom in return for a decryption key to free up a ransomware attacked encrypted database are saying ‘No’ to Bitcoins these days. It said that cybercriminals are now demanding more private digital currency like Monero, Ethereum, and Zcash in order to avoid being tracked by law enforcement. From the past […]

Cyber Attack on NiceHash Crypto Mining website results in CEO Resignation!

Cyber Attack on Crypto Mining website NiceHash has resulted in the resignation of Marko Kobal, the co-founder, and CEO of the said Slovenian startup. So, the New Year 2018 witnessed Kobal replacement with Zdravko Poljasevic as ‘NiceHash’ CEO. Going further into the details, NiceHash witnessed a cyber attack on its database on December 6th,2017. The […]

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