Ransomware hits MySQL Servers

A ransomware attack was launched on hundreds of MySQL Servers last week which can be treated as an evolution of MongoDB cyber attack. And the news is out that the cyber crooks who launched the attack are demanding a 0.2 bitcoins to unlock the servers which account to $234. As per the report prepared by […]

Crypto Ransomware wrote in Swift targets MAC OS users

Till date, we have seen cybercriminals targeting Windows and Android based devices. But now, as per our sources, a new crypto ransomware is on the prowl which targets Mac OS users. Written in Swift, the new ransomware is currently being distributed via Torrent sites by cyber crooks. It is named as “Patcher” and is technically […]

Ransomware strikes Indiana Cancer Agency database

Indiana-based Cancer Agency database has been hit by Ransomware and the malicious virus spreading criminals are demanding a payment of 50 BTC to unlock the files. As per our sources, the victim is Little Red Door which is a Cancer Services agency based in East Central Indiana. Little Red Door helps victims in reducing their […]

England Cyber Warriors quash two cyber attacks per day

National Cyber Security Team of Britain has made it official that it quashes two cyber attacks per day and prevents hackers from getting into the networks of MOD, NHS and the Bank of England. Since, the inception of England’s the National Cyber Security Team in October 2016, the cyber warriors have succeeded in defending the […]

Know how blockchain can act as a panacea to all cyber attack troubles

In this digital world, nothing seems to be immune to cyber attacks and cyber crooks. But if the technology of blockchain can be carefully explored and emphasized, it can help a public or private agency to build a network which has no single point of failure and is super resilient to cyber attacks. Bitcoin, a […]

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