How Turning Off Bluetooth Can Safeguard Your Mobile from Cyber Attacks

In today’s interconnected world, our smartphones have become central to our lives. We rely on them for communication, navigation, entertainment, and even personal security. However, the convenience they offer comes with a price – the constant threat of cyberattacks. One often overlooked, yet significant, vulnerability in our smartphones is Bluetooth. By understanding the risks and […]

Bluetooth Vulnerability exposes iOS and FitBit devices to Cyber Attacks

All Microsoft and Apple device users should turn off their device Bluetooth when not in use as hackers can exploit certain vulnerabilities in the said communication medium for espionage-related activities. The susceptibility is said to compromise iOS, Microsoft and users of wearable devices such Fitbits extremely. Users of Android-based OS devices are reported to be […]

Google Titan Security Key has a Bluetooth Security Bug flaw

Google has officially announced today that its Titan Security Keys are vulnerable to cyber attacks due to a security bug in the Bluetooth protocols. The tech giant announced that the susceptibility could allow cyber crooks in close physical proximity exploit the key barring it from providing the intended security. Security experts from the internet juggernaut […]

Google spies on you online and in the real world

Are you using an internet combo (calls+ internet) provided by your telecommunication service provider? Then you are being watched by Google which records your every move online as well as in the real world. Even if you do not use such services on your smartphone, then remember that your smart phone’s WiFi connectivity will open […]

Billions of devices equipped with Bluetooth are vulnerable to BlueBorne Malware

Billions of devices equipped with Bluetooth are said to be vulnerable to cyber attack- all thanks to a new airborne computer virus named BlueBorne. Ty Miller, the Managing Director of Cyber Security firm Threat Intelligence revealed these details to the world and said that the virus has the ability to spread from device to device […]

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