Boris Johnson

Mobile Security Scare makes UK Boris Johnson dump his old phone number

The old phone number of Britain’s PM Boris Johnson that has been freely available on the internet for the past 15 years is no longer available with him and this was confirmed by his cabinet secretary last week. As retaining a phone number for longer periods attracts unnecessary attention from hostile nations, the PM was […]

UK Boris Johnson mobile number out for public since 15 years raises mobile security concerns

Sometimes political leaders do something different to capture the attention of their voters and that’s what UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to have done a few years ago. And those gestures are apparently haunting him now as per the claims made by a Britain’s Media resource Downing Street. Going forward with the details, in […]

Britain Boris Johnson speaks about Cyber Attacks

For the first time after being elected as a Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson spoke about cyber attacks on a direct note. The 57-year-old stated that Britain needs to boost its capacity to conduct cyber attacks and must also conduct digital invasions on foreign nations. “As the cyber power is evolving on a greater […]

UK PM Boris Johnson phone hacked by Saudi Prince Salman

Just when the reports are emerging that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos phone was hacked by Saudi Ruler Mohammad Bin Salman in 2018 to access sensitive information, here comes a piece of information from a source from Daily Mail that the Saudi ruler might also have access to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s mobile phone as […]

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