Bots compromise Jersey Computers to use them for Cyber Attacks

Hackers were seen using Jersey computers to cyber attack servers operating in the United States, Germany and Hungary. The compromised machines were acting as devices to launch cyber attacks and the suspicion finger is currently rising towards Russia. The Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) of the UK based island has confirmed the news and stated […]

Google files lawsuit against blockchain botnet operators

Google has made an official announcement that it has filed a lawsuit against a blockchain on botnet operators to pressurize Russian government to take stringent action against cyber criminals operating from its region The tech giant also revealed that the botnet operators have so far compromised around 1 million Windows PCs around the world, with […]

DDoS attacks through 1.6 million infected Pink Botnet Malware devices

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a cyber attack campaign recently that was existing in the wild from the past six years. And reports are in that the plan was to infect millions of devices in China with Pink Botnet Malware and to prepare them in such a way that they can be used to launch distributed […]

Ransomware spreading Phorpiex Botnet shifts gear to Se$tortion

Checkpoint Researchers say that a recent study made by them has found that hackers dealing with ransomware spread via Phorpiex Botnet have shifted gears to Se$tortion which has so far affected thousands and is intended to reach millions of victims by this year-end.   According to the study, Phorpiex is an active botnet since 2010 […]

French Police destroyed botnet server controlling 850,000 Microsoft Windows PCs

A specially formed cyber team from the France police has reportedly conducted a special operation in August this year to destroy a botnet server which was suspected to be controlling over 850,000 viruses-infected Microsoft Windows Computer systems. Yes, you’ve have read it right! C3N which happens to be a special judicial unit of the National […]

British Cyber Attack disrupts entire telecom services in Liberia

A British hacker named Daniel Kaye is said to have executed a cyber attack on the entire telecommunication system in Liberia, a town in South Africa. This incident which happened in 2015 got highlighted last week when a South African phone company named Lonestar won a lawsuit against the perpetrator in the UK sending him […]

US Men found guilty in Mirai Botnet Cyber Attack of 2016!

A Student (former) from Rutgers University and two other men were found guilty to create a Mirai Botnet that was used to disrupt services of thousands of websites in 2016. It is said that the three men used to infect 100s of thousands of web-connected devices including CCTV cameras and webcams, which were then turned […]

Cyber Attack through Mirai Botnet with 100,000 routers!

According to a security researcher, a botnet with 100,000 routers is lying dormant on the web and could be used to launch cyber attacks any time by hackers. As per their research, the botnet is said to circulate Mirai malware and could be used as a source to propel a major attack. Mirai malware is […]

Minecraft infects Android Phones with Trojan Malware

World-renowned adventurous game Minecraft is now in the news for all wrong reasons.  Security experts from Symantec have discovered that the game has the potential to hijack a mobile with Sockbot malware and turn it into a botnet. Researchers from the said Cybersecurity firm has discovered that the Trojan links infected devices to a proxy […]

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