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British Airways pays a penalty for data leak of 420,000 customers in 2018

British Airways (BA) has finally made a settlement with its customers by paying a compensation announced by the data watchdog in October 2020. The airliner paid the penalty for failing to protect its customer information from being accessed by hackers in 2018. Going by the details, a malicious actor is reported to have gained access […]

British Airways to compensate customers with £3 billion

British Airways (BA), the internationally acclaimed airliner, seems to intend to offer £3 billion compensation to all customers who were impacted by the data breach of 2018. Highly placed sources say that the legal negotiations will take place on this note in the 1Q of 2021, and the company that offers air travel services is […]

British Airways takes help of AI for Flight Departures

For the first time in the history of Air Travel, noted airliner British Airways (BA) as declared that it will be using Artificial Intelligence technology integrated with video evidence to improve the punctuality in flight departures and airside operations. And as a part of this objective, the UK’s Airliner has made a phase 1 investment […]

British Airways fetches £183 million Cyber Attack penalty after GDPR

British Airways (BA) which suffered a major cyber attack in September last year has received the latest jolt in the last weekend. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has made an official statement early today saying that it has imposed a penalty of £183 million which was possibly the biggest penalty ever issued against a […]

British Airways data breach earns £9.4M to Russian Hackers

British Airways data breach which led to the information leak pertaining to 244,000 credit card details of customers is said to have earned £9.4M for Russian Hackers. Cybersecurity experts say that the hackers made money by putting the data sale on the dark web for just £6.94 – £38.58. Magecart, a Russia linked cybercriminal group […]

Cyber Attack news for this weekend

Hackers reportedly launched a cyber attack on Jones Eye Clinic in August this year and are said to have gained access to thousands of customer’s personal information. The accessed info includes full name, address, date of birth, date of service and medical record numbers. Sources report that sensitive info of some patients like social security […]

British Airways customers blocked from online shopping after Cyber Attack

It seems that the misery of the customers who were impacted by the British Airways (BA) data breach has turned into a never-ending saga. From last Saturday, reports are pouring in that all the BA customers are being blocked from online shopping by their respective banks in order to stop their bank accounts being raided […]

British Airways customer info leaked in Cyber Attack

British Airways (BA), touted as the largest airline carrier in the United Kingdom has disclosed a few hours ago, that Payment card info of more than 380,000 of its customers has been compromised. However, the airline’s staff have confirmed that the leaked info doesn’t include details regarding its passenger travel and passport details. Sources reporting […]

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