Hackers steal 7000 BTC from Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cyber attack launched by hackers on the servers of Cryptocurrency Exchange services provider ‘Binance’ is said to have resulted in the theft of over 7000 Bitcoins worth more than $43.8 million. The said Chinese company which now moved its IT infrastructure to Japan says that the attack took place when hackers gained access to […]

Fake Twitter scam promises Cryptocurrency earnings

Twitter IDs operating across the world including the ones operated by the government agencies are reportedly falling prey to a new ponzi scam where scamsters are promising cryptocurrency earnings to those who transfer them 0.01BTC. The tweets which are being witnessed on renowned and verified accounts states “We are celebrating and giving away N Bitcoins […]

Start your week with these news snippets related to Cyber Security

Fifa World Cup Apps are vulnerable to cyber threats- San Francisco based mobile security company named Pradeo has found that almost all the Euro Sports Apps related to the FIFA World Cup Football are filled with over 63 vulnerabilities each related to Cyber Threat. This includes apps which have been downloaded more than 1000 to […]

Cyber Attack on NiceHash Crypto Mining website results in CEO Resignation!

Cyber Attack on Crypto Mining website NiceHash has resulted in the resignation of Marko Kobal, the co-founder, and CEO of the said Slovenian startup. So, the New Year 2018 witnessed Kobal replacement with Zdravko Poljasevic as ‘NiceHash’ CEO. Going further into the details, NiceHash witnessed a cyber attack on its database on December 6th,2017. The […]

Hackers steal $60 million of Cryptocurrency from NiceHash Bitcoins Mining site

With the BTC rate nearing USD $16000/ bitcoin, hackers are making bitcoins mining sites as easy targets for minting money. Yesterday, NiceHash which allows people offer computing capacity for bitcoin miners to mine digital currencies was hacked and nearly $60 million worth Cryptocurrency was siphoned from the platform. Note- NiceHash allows miners to work out […]

Cyber Attack disrupts Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex Services!

Taiwan based Bitcoin Exchange Company ‘Bitfinex’ has admitted that it was hit by a DDoS cyber attack on Monday this week. However, the cryptocurrency platform notified to the world that the disruption was temporary as the services were brought back to life within 84 minutes. As Bitcoin rate reached $11,000 early this week, one of […]

Cyber Attack wrecks the launch of Bitcoin Gold Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Gold launch was marred by a Cyber Attack which took place on the new crypto currency’s website. The digital currency was supposed to be launched on October 24th,2017, but came under sustained distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber attack. Bitcoin’s Gold website issued a public statement on Wednesday that its webpage experienced a DDOS […]

Hackers cyber attack Amazon Cloud to mine bitcoins!

Security firm RedLock has disclosed that Amazon cloud is being hacked by cyber crooks to mine bitcoins and to gather digital currency. The security intelligence company says that hackers are from Amazon Web Services to mine bitcoins and have so far succeeded in producing 7 BTC. These days as the Bitcoin rate is surging day […]

WannaCry ransomware attack makes Bitcoins rate surge to $2500

Hackers who launched Wanna cry Ransomware attack might not be pleased with whatever they earned on a financial note. But do you know who actually benefited from the cyber attack related activity? It was those individuals who were active on bitcoins trading exchanges and was interested in selling off their crypto. Thus, all this activity […]

Ransomware strikes Indiana Cancer Agency database

Indiana-based Cancer Agency database has been hit by Ransomware and the malicious virus spreading criminals are demanding a payment of 50 BTC to unlock the files. As per our sources, the victim is Little Red Door which is a Cancer Services agency based in East Central Indiana. Little Red Door helps victims in reducing their […]

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