Australian companies to pay hackers for launching cyber attacks

Australian government is all set to release a new portfolio of rules that order companies pay hackers for launching cyber-attacks. But the whole activity has a hidden twist in it as only ethical hackers will be rewarded under the ‘bug bounty’ program and they will receive a reward for letting the companies know about the […]

Apple Inc pays $100,500 to hacker for hacking MacBook Webcam

Apple Inc, the American tech giant that produces iPhone, has paid $100,500 to a hacker for hacking MacBook Webcam. Ryan Pickren is the hacker who was rewarded well by the iOS giant as he brought to their issue a severe vulnerability that could have allowed criminals to sneak into the computing activities of Mac users. […]

Facebook bug bounty now allows scrutiny of third-party apps

All these days, white hat hackers working for Facebook’s Bug Bounty Program were seen passively observing the vulnerabilities of third-party apps. But now, the social media giant has asked the researchers to be more proactive by testing apps for security flaws, rather than watching those from the sideline.   Mark Zuckerberg’s company released a press […]

Tesla is paying freelance hackers $500,000 a year to notify security flaws

Electric Car making company Tesla and some other multinationals based in America are said to be paying freelance hackers $500,000 a year to notify security flaws and report the same to them with ‘ethics’. However, the companies are not hiring anyone with ease. As they are found filtering only the talent which made success in […]

Facebook’s new vulnerability leaks sensitive details of its users

Imperva, a California based security software provider has discovered a new vulnerable on Facebook’s platform which could leak sensitive details of its users such as likes, posts, and interest. However, the good news is that the social media giant has patched up the bug causing further embarrassment to the Mark Zuckerberg led company which is […]

Google offers bug bounty program to enhance Mobile Security to its users

Google is offering a bug bounty program in order to identify flaws on Android Apps available on its Google Play Store. The internet juggernaut has promised to pay a reward of $1000 for each flaw under this program which was announced on Thursday this week. The aim is to back up Google’s automated checks which […]


This post was originally published here by  (ISC)² Management. Since 2013, (ISC)² has been a partner of Bugcrowd, running a public bug bounty program and offering CPE credits to our members. Bugcrowd is a leading provider of crowdsourced security and bug bounty programs, connecting organizations with more than 50,000 independent security researchers to identify vulnerabilities. […]

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