ChatGPT users data leaked because of bug vulnerability

OpenAI-developed ChatGPT has hit the news headlines because user information has been leaked on the web by some threat actors who claim to have accessed and stolen data from the database of the OpenAI platform via a bug vulnerability. As a result, credit card details, the last 4 digits of credit card numbers, credit card […]

Hackers pay a $5000 monthly fee to gain fraudulent access to banking apps

A research group from ESET has discovered that cyber-crooks are paying a monthly fee of $5000 to gain fraudulent access to 467 android apps to steal banking-related details. Information is out that the campaign has been running for quite some time and is aiming to siphon cryptocurrencies along with fiat. Dubbed an ERMAC banking Trojan, […]

A vulnerability in Google Cloud earns $31k

A security researcher from South America was awarded $31,337 as a bug bounty reward for finding a bug in the Google Cloud. And the researcher’s name is being reported as Ezequiel Pereira who has found a remote code execution vulnerability in Google Cloud Deployment Manager. Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the Uruguayan computer science student […]

Cybersecurity warning for millions of websites

According to a security report released by BBC, millions of websites might face a risk of insecurity from March 4th,2020 due to a bug found in the digital certificates utilized to secure their access.   It is estimated that over 3 million websites will be on the verge of “loss of trust” as all its […]

Airtel mobile security vulnerability exposes data of 300 million customers

Airtel, which happens to be India’s third-largest Telecom Network is in news for all wrong reasons these days. The company which is reported to serve more than 300 Million users has admitted yesterday that an API security flaw in Airtel Smartphone app is said to have exposed sensitive information of its users to hackers. However, […]

G Suite passwords stored in plain text for 14 years

G Suite which happens to be a Cloud Computing brand of productivity and collaboration tools of Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary Google has disclosed on Wednesday that a bug in its database caused the passwords to be stored in plain text for 14 years i.e. since 2005-6. Thus, with the latest revelation, the web service giant happens […]

Google Titan Security Key has a Bluetooth Security Bug flaw

Google has officially announced today that its Titan Security Keys are vulnerable to cyber attacks due to a security bug in the Bluetooth protocols. The tech giant announced that the susceptibility could allow cyber crooks in close physical proximity exploit the key barring it from providing the intended security. Security experts from the internet juggernaut […]

Twitter Bug exposes iOS users location details to its business partner

All those using the Twitter mobile app on their Apple iOS phones and who had 2-3 accounts on the said social media platform were at the risk of their location data being shared with a business partner of the world’s second social media platform- all without the consent of users. Actually, it was a bug […]

Cyber Attack news for the day

1.) To all those who are still using Windows 7 operating system loaded PCs and Laptops, here’s a piece of bad news. Microsoft has announced that it is going to end support to its popular operating system from news January and so PCs which run on the said obsolete OS will become vulnerable to cyber […]

Facebook bug exposes 7 million FB User photos to hackers

Facebook, the world’s number one social media platform has disclosed in this weekend that a bug in one of its photo databases has exposed 7 million photos of FB users to the outside world-possible to hackers. Thus, with the latest data exposure, Facebook seems to have controversially broken down again for the 3rd time this […]

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