Equifax Cyber Attack faces a lawsuit from Canada Citizen

In September 2017, Equifax disclosed that a cyber attack on its database has exposed sensitive info of more than 143 million of its American consumers. The leaked data includes social security numbers, driver licenses, and phone numbers as well. Daniel Thalheimer, 46, a citizen of Duncan, Canada has now filed a class action lawsuit against […]

Ransomware attack on Winnipeg Mattress and Furniture Store

A mattress and furniture store named Best Sleep Centre located in Winnipeg is said to have become a victim of a ransomware attack. Hackers reportedly locked down the database of the store and demanded a cryptocurrency of 0.6 bitcoins or $6000 in Canadian currency in exchange for the decryption key. David Keam, the owner of […]

Bank of Montreal hit by Cyber Attack

Bank of Montreal(BMO), known to be Canada’s fourth largest financial service corporation said on Monday that it was hit by a cyber attack in which some hackers got hold of personal information of some of the BMO customers and were trying to blackmail the higher authorities of the financial institution to mint money. Cybersecurity Insiders […]

Canada Populace does not take Cyber Threats seriously

As data privacy concerns grow among online users, Canada’s former National security advisor disclosed that the population of Canada never takes cyber threats on a serious note. Speaking at the Urban Security and Resilience Conference in Toronto, Richard Fadden the former security advisor stated that every individual, organization and government entity is under threat from […]

Facebook takes initiative to protect Canadian 2019 elections from Cyber Threats

Social Media Giant Facebook has announced that it is going to take an initiative to protect 2019 Canadian elections from Cyber Threats. Facebook is going to fulfill its objective by taking the threats identified by Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE) on a serious note and addressing them in a proactive way. Note 1- The US […]

More than 100,000 Canadians affected by the cyber attack on Equifax!

Equifax has released an official confirmation late yesterday that more than 100,000 Canadians were affected by the cyber attack which targeted its database almost two months ago. The US-based Credit Agency has also assured that it will offer a public update by this weekend on the impact of the data breach which was disclosed to […]

Canada to launch cyber attacks on other nation governments

Canada is all set to launch cyber attacks on other national governments and terrorist organization as soon as it’s new National Security Legislation comes into power. Thus, as soon as the legislation comes into effect, the security officials will officially have the ability to launch cyber attacks against foreign actors, including terror groups and even […]

A Cyber Threat to Canada Elections!

Canada’s electronic spy agency has made it official that some state-funded actors of foreign nations are trying to influence the country’s electoral process and so steps are being taken to counter their efforts. Treating the activity as a serious threat to Canadian Democracy, Chrystia Freeland, the Foreign Affairs Minister of the country said that public […]

Canada to launch a cyber war on the military and defense sectors of foreign nation

Canada is all set to launch a cyber war on the military and defense sectors of foreign nations. But the nation is planning to target only those countries which have been intimidating it with cyber threats. As a part of the $62 million financial commitment of Trudeau government to isolate the nation from all kinds […]

Hackers siphon critical info from McDonalds Canada Website!

All those who have applied to McDonalds Canada website’s career webpage in between 2014 to 2017 are being alerted about a data breach which took place last week. As per the details available to the media, over 95,000 job seekers personal info has been compromised in the data breach and critical info is said to […]

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