Ransomware hackers calling parents from their Children mobile phone numbers

A concerning trend has emerged, revealing the extent to which criminals perpetrating ransomware attacks are willing to go to extract money from their victims. Charles Carmakal, CEO of Mandiant, now under Google’s ownership, highlighted one such alarming scenario during the Google Security Threat Intelligence Panel at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. According to Carmakal, […]

Ghanian children involved in Britain Catfishing Romance Scams

In January of this year, the UK police disclosed that some schools in Ghana were teaching school kids above the age of 10 to catfish single women from Britain and engage in romance scams with them, exploiting them for money exchange. The issue was brought to light when a team of journalists from a reputed […]

At least 72% of children were hit by cyber threats in 2021

A recent survey made by a Saudi based firm has discovered that about 72% of children were hit by cyber threats last year, i.e., 2021 and estimates are in that there can be a rise by 10% in such attacks by this year’s end. Saudi based Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in association with Global Cybersecurity […]

China puts chips on children’s school uniforms for surveillance

If you think that the China’s penchant to spy on its populace has hit a saturation point, here’s more to add to it. All schools in Southern China have been asked to implement a new rule to force children to wear micro-chipped uniforms in order to track down truants. The objective of this extensive surveillance […]

Disney gets sued for invading the privacy of kids!

The American populace is suing Disney for invading the privacy of kids by collecting children’s personal info without getting the consent of their respective parents. A class action lawsuit was filed on this note in Northern California for violating privacy laws by tracking the locations and activities of kids who use Disney’s mobile games. A […]

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