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Biden cancels $10billion cloud-computing contract awarded to Microsoft. 

Microsoft has lost a $10 billion worth cloud computing contract awarded to it by the Donald Trump government a couple of years ago. And the Biden Administration issued orders related to the cancellation at the end of last week, thus ending the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract issued to the Satya Nadella led a […]

Linux Foundation forms new secure Cloud Computing Consortium

Technology companies from America and across the world such as Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Baidu, Red Hat, IBM, Intel, Swisscom, and Tencent have joined hands to form an open-source technology consortium related to Cloud Computing this week. The objective of this group will be to accelerate the adoption of “Confidential Computing” where data inside the computer […]

New Cyber Threat list released by Cloud Security Alliance

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has released a list of 11 cyber threats which the users of cloud computing were facing, identifying data breaches as the top threat to loom on cloud users.   CSA which earlier released a list of 12 cyber threats in 2016, now says that insecure APIs, account hijacking, insider threats, and […]

MIT alerts Cloud Computing businesses against Ransomware Attacks!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) has issued an alert to all Cloud Computing businesses that they could be an easy target for ransomware spreading attacks, as they deal with and store huge amounts of corporate data. The Tech Institute has issued a special Ransomware cyber attack warning to large scale businesses such as Amazon, Google, IBM […]

Cloud Computing may provide more security against Cyber Threats!

Researchers from CCS Insight say that Cloud Computing may provide better security against cyber threats which the companies are looking for nowadays. And that’s because it helps security operations respond quickly to threats and focus on business risks which otherwise would have made CIOs and CTOs spend countless hours just researching for cyber threats and […]

Intel announces that Cloud Security fears have vanished!

Intel Corporation’s Security arm has compiled a new report which says that cloud security fears among organizations are coming down and will soon vanish. The company which will kick off RSA Security LLC’s 2017 Conference in San Francisco this week said that the study was made on over 2000 IT professionals who disclosed their mind […]

Cloud Security facing a major threat from file-sharing operations

  File sharing has emerged as a major threat to cloud security teams operating all over the world. This was revealed in a survey made by Skyhigh Networks- a cloud access security broker. As per the Cloud Adoption and Risk Report study made by the web service provider, many cloud services which are being used […]

How Cloud can help SMBs overcome IT security Concerns

UK’s security breaches survey has proved that more than 74 percent of small and medium scale businesses located around the world struggle with the consequences of security incidents. The survey also mentioned that 42 percent of SMBs cite complexity of IT Infrastructure as prime reason for non-adoption. But as the volume of cyber attacks in […]

IDG survey confirms that visibility and security are top concerns for cloud computing adoption

Businesses which are thinking to adopt cloud computing solutions into their production environments are cautious before making a move due to visibility and cloud security concerns. As per the latest survey conducted by International Data Group (IDG) companies will move around sixty percent of their IT environment load onto private, public and hybrid IT environments […]

Microsoft to offer Booz Allen Cloud security Portfolio on Azure

Microsoft has made it official that it is going to add Booz Allen Hamilton’s cloud security portfolio on its Azure Government Marketplace. This is to provide fool-proof cloud workload protection and security services for public customers. Booz Allen’s Virtual Cloud Defense suite includes the best breed of commercial off the shelf, open source security products […]

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