Software-defined security for burnout avoidance

You look at the alarm clock that’s proven to be amazingly resilient to abuse, particularly the snooze button, and it’s fifteen minutes after midnight on a Sunday morning. Your alarm is going off because it’s time to go into the office for the change window; your company’s Change Advisory Board (CAB) had voted on Thursday […]

Establishing a data protection committee for boards

Guest post by Matthew Pascucci, Frontline Sentinel Within certain countries, especially in the European Union, there are certain data protection committee requirements to enforce the privacy and protection of a country’s or an organization’s data. In the United States while we don’t have comparable laws enforced, we believe it’s an idea we should still strive towards before it’s mandated […]

CloudPassage Halo is an on-demand, automated security platform that works in any infrastructure, at any scale. Halo is delivered as a service, so it deploys in minutes and scales dynamically — with no servers to provision and configure. With Halo, our customers deploy layered security at every workload – servers, virtual machines, cloud instances and containers.
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