Colonial Pipeline

Costa Rica declares ransomware emergency and Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack fetches $1 Million penalty

The government of Costa Rica declared a national emergency on May 8th, 2022, Sunday, as most of its government websites were impacted by ransomware, disrupting servers and back-end operations to the core. Rodrigo Chaves, the President of Costa Rica, released an official statement on this note and added that the hackers were demanding $10 million […]

Password steal leads to Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack

A single password steal is said to have led to Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack says Joseph Blount, the CEO of the fuel supplying company based in South East Coast.   Reiterating the same that was said to the US Senate Committee last week, Blount stated that the Colonial Pipeline attack took place because the company […]

US DOJ recovers more than half of ransomware payment of Colonial Pipeline hack

In May this year, the United States fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline made a payment of $4.4 million in Bitcoins to DarkSide hacking group for freeing up its servers from the file-encrypting malware.   Now, the US Department of Justice has issued a media update stating that a majority of the ransom payment was recovered from […]

US Fuel companies should report cyberattacks to the government

US Homeland Security has passed out an order that all fuel generation and pipeline companies operating in the country should report cyberattacks to the government as soon as they are impacted. The decision comes after Congress expressed its disappointment on Colonial Pipeline ransomware payment of $4.4m paid to DarkSide ransomware group that reportedly stole over […]

Ransomware attack shuts gas supply in United States

A ransomware attack on a gas supplier has reportedly shut down the transport and supply operations across East Coast since Saturday last week and highly placed sources say that the incident might halt the operations for the next few days to come. IT Staff of Colonial Pipeline are currently working 24×7 to resolve the incident […]

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