Conti Ransomware

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

The first news headline that is trending on Google belongs to Costa Rica Government websites. Information is out that Costa Rica’s Public Health System was recently targeted by Hive Ransomware and the incident happened just after a few days of attack by Conti Ransomware Group. Going deep into the details, Costa Rican Social Security Fund […]

Cyber Attack and Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

1.) Conti Ransomware gang reportedly hit Parker Hannifin Corporation in March this year leaking sensitive details to the public. The company that is into the manufacturing of motion control products released a press statement yesterday, stating a breach of its systems in between March 11 and March 14th this year. Exposed details include personal info […]

Conti Ransomware attack on Ireland HSE encrypted 80% of data

Ireland Health Service (HSE) was cyber-attacked by CONTI Ransomware group in mid last year and news is now out that 80% of the data been stored on the servers of the healthcare services provider was encrypted by the said a gang of criminals. A detailed probe launched by the US Department of Health and Human […]

Anonymous used Conti Ransomware to down Russian Satellites

All these days, Anonymous Group was releasing updates on the cyber attacks it carried out on the critical infrastructure of the Russian Federation in retaliation for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Finland in the coming days. Now, Network Battalion 65, a hackers group related to the Anonymous Group, has released a media update that it […]

Conti Ransomware group targets Panasonic Canada

Panasonic Canada issued a public statement admitting a sophisticated cyber attack on its servers that occurred in February this year. The Japan-based company issued an apology for the incident and assured only its Canadian operations were affected by the malware attack. Panasonic provided its statement through online technology resource TechCrunch and admitted that some of […]

Conti Ransomware gang strikes TrustFord UK and Snap-on Tools

Conti Ransomware gang targeted Wisconsin-based Snap-on Tools in mid-march this year, stealing 1GB files filled with sensitive data. When the victim failed to pay the ransom, they started threatening to leak the data on their website, which could lead to more trouble for the Kenosha-based company. Snap-On did not acknowledge the incident as a ransomware […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

1.) Notorious Hive Ransomware group has published details of 850,000 patient records belonging to Partnership HealthPlan of California and said that a portion of data will be sold on the dark web, if the healthcare provider doesn’t bow down to its ransom demands. As an incident response, the Partnership HealthPlan of California says that it […]

Trending ransomware attack news headlines on Google

1.) The top news that is trending on Google is related to a cyber-attack campaign that targeted about 21 natural gas suppliers in the United States, just a few days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The targeted companies were those involved in fuel production, export, distribution of natural gas and the aim behind the […]

Conti Ransomware attack locks down guests in hotel

A ransomware attack on a Scandinavian hotel chain has reportedly locked down guests in their hotel rooms respectively, and the hotel staff were forced to use hammers to break open doors for the guests to breathe fresh air. Well, it seems over-exaggerated! But yes, a situation in such form arose when most of the key […]

Conti Ransomware Gang targets Jeweler website and Customers

A London based Jeweler brand that sells exclusive diamond embellishes to rich and elite was targeted by Conti Ransomware group and is seen pressurizing its victim to bow down to their demands by releasing some details related to the siphoned data. Graff is the company that became a victim of those spreading Conti ransomware and […]

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