Credit Card Details

British Airways data breach earns £9.4M to Russian Hackers

British Airways data breach which led to the information leak pertaining to 244,000 credit card details of customers is said to have earned £9.4M for Russian Hackers. Cybersecurity experts say that the hackers made money by putting the data sale on the dark web for just £6.94 – £38.58. Magecart, a Russia linked cybercriminal group […]

Hackers cyber attack Debenhams Flowers and leak Credit Card Details of 26,000 customers

Debenhams Flowers suffered a major cyber attack which leaked critical info of more than 26,000 customers. The info includes names, addresses and credit card details of the web florist. Immediately, the UK’s florist retailer released a press statement saying that hackers hit its third party supplier called Ecomnova Ltd that owns and sells operates flower […]

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