critical infrastructure

Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure are devastating

A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute on cybersecurity and privacy issues has concluded that cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of several nations have left devastating consequences. The survey confirms that at least 90% of them have experienced one successful attempt of cyber attack every year which stands as a wake-up call to every […]

Critical Digital US Infrastructure to be protected by “Dark Side”

An Idaho based National laboratory has been assigned the duty to protect the critical infrastructure of the nation from the next fall at a cost of $80 million. And the news is out that the lab is on a hiring spree and is looking for all technology enthusiasts irrespective of their college degrees or the […]

Squirrels cause more financial damage to critical Infrastructure than Cyber Attacks

If you think that Cyber Attacks are causing more panic for governments interested in protecting their critical infrastructure, then you’re absolutely wrong! According to a survey made by One Security Expert, the real threat to critical infrastructure located around the globe is from the squirrels. It has been discovered that squirrels are causing more damage […]

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