GandCrab Ransomware locks down Microsoft partner Software Objectives database

Software Objectives, a Melbourne based software consultancy firm has officially disclosed early today that its database has been locked down by ransomware spreading scammers. A media statement released by the said Microsoft partner on June 6th,2018 says that the firm is being blackmailed by the scammers who are demanding an astronomical sum in DASH Cryptocurrency. […]

Ransomware attack on Family Planning NSW

Family Planning NSW(FPNSW), an organization looking into the reproductive and Se$ual health of Australian populace is said to have become a victim of a ransomware on Anzac Day. Officials at the New South Wales based healthcare agency has confirmed that their database was hit by ransomware and information related to the customer’s who contacted the […]

RansSIRIA Ransomware bluffs to donate Litecoins ransom to Syrian Refugees

Malware Hunter Team has discovered a new ransomware called RansSIRIA which infects and encrypts computer files and states that it will donate ransom payments to Syrian refugees. Security experts say that the said ransomware is similar to that of WannaCry Ransomware and is seen mainly targeting Brazilian victims. Technically speaking, the said ransomware when executed […]

Pyramid Mountain Lumber database gets infected with Ransomware

On March 15th, 2018 the entire network of Pyramid Mountain Lumber got infected with ransomware resulting in the encryption of all the files in the database. The cyber crooks who inducted the malware are said to have demanded more than $10,000 worth of bitcoins cryptocurrency in exchange for the decryption key. But the IT staff […]

Atlanta City Servers hit by Ransomware Attack

Officials at the Atlanta City have confirmed that their public network was reigning under the influence of a ransomware attack encrypting all the critical data pertaining to the city. The Atlanta City Chief Operating Officer Richard Cox has confirmed the news and said that the hackers were demanding a sum of $50,000 worth of Bitcoins […]

Cyber Attack on Tesla Inc Cloud Systems allows hackers mine cryptocurrency

Tesla Inc, cloud systems which are being hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) were being exploited by hackers to mine cryptocurrency since January this year. And the activity was discovered on Tuesday by a team of researchers from Redlock who also confirmed that the cyberattack took place via unprotected Kubernetes console of automaker Tesla. Technically […]

Man sues T-Mobile for failing to provide Mobile Security to his Cryptocurrency!

Can you imagine that a hacker can easily sneak into your mobile phone to steal your bitcoins or other digital currency? If not please read the following post and educate yourself on the latest events happening in the cyber world. In the year 2015, Carlos Tapang of Washington decided to invest in crypto coins and […]

TOR Proxy sites divert Ransomware payments to new Bitcoin Wallets

Cybercrime has become sophisticated and the latest news acts as a perfect example to prove it. Nowadays, ransomware authors are being tricked by nasty scammers who are diverting the ransomware payments to their own bitcoins wallets, leaving the victims of encrypted data and the ransomware spreading criminals in jeopardy. Yes, this is being done with […]

Cryptocurrency Rating release despite North Korea Cyberattack!

For the first time in the history of Cryptocurrency, an American rating agency covering various finance-related business verticals like stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, insurance companies and banks have released the ratings for various cryptocurrency variants. Among them, Ethereum has bagged a ‘B’ class rating and Bitcoins has been accredited with ‘C+’ ratings. But the rating […]

Fear of Cyber Attacks surges Cyber Insurance Buy!

SecureData, one of Europe’s Largest Independent Security Services Provider has discovered in a survey that the fear of cyber attacks is surging up the ‘Cyber Insurance Buy’ from business operating across the UK to cover the mounting losses. “Cyber attacks are coming thick and fast as the tools of the hackers are getting sophisticated. And […]

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