Google offers Cryptomining protection of $1 Million if it fails

Google has recently announced a new initiative aimed at protecting users from cryptomining attacks. The company will be offering a Cryptomining Protection Program Cover, which provides a compensation of up to $1 million to users who experience fraudulent usage of their Google Cloud Compute resources resulting in significant operational losses. To be eligible for the […]

Saturday Security Spotlight: Cryptomining, AWS, and O365

This post was originally published here by  Jacob Serpa. Here are the top cybersecurity stories of recent weeks: Malicious cryptomining the top cybercrime New details emerge on unsecured AWS buckets Data Keeper ransomware begins to spread Office 365 used in recent mass phishing attacks SgxSpectre attacking Intel SGX enclaves Malicious cryptomining the top cybercrime Since September […]

Cryptomining hackers target Android devices to mine Monero!

Malwarebytes researchers have discovered that crypto mining hackers are nowadays targeting Android devices for Monero Cryptocurrency by inducing a mining script into the advertising modules of free mobile apps. It is said that the hackers have managed to earn $40K worth of Monero currency so far through their crypto mining campaign, which also gave a […]

Great British Firewall blocks 54 million cyber attacks and news about Lauri Love

United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Center(NCSC) has disclosed that its security teams have succeeded in blocking around 54 million malicious online attacks last year and have taken down around 120,000 fake websites- all as a part of a ‘Great British Firewall’ program designed to stop cybercriminals targeting the public to steal money and sensitive data. […]

ISIL will shift its focus to cyber attacks after battlefield loss!

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, shortly known as ISIL, is all set to shift its focus to cyber warfare due to the battlefield loss with American troops in Iraq. Yes, the terrorist group along with a few other anti-social elements of Israel has decided to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure […]

Malwarebytes states that Ransomware and Cryptomining spiked in 2017!

According to a report released by Malwarebytes, Ransomware and Cryptomining attacks are said to have spiked in 2017. The security firm discovered that threat has increased to an alarming scale specifically in the Asia Pacific region with a report revealing a 1000 percent increase in detections in 2017 and with no signs of mellowing down […]

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