Cyber Attack

China Cyber Attack on Indian Power Plant

As per a post published in The New York Times, China has targeted an Indian power plant last year that resulted in a big disruption for many in the business city of Mumbai, India. The post claims that the incident took place in 2020 and was a retaliation attack launched by China because of the […]

United States charges 3 North Koreans for Global Cyber Attacks

The United States Department of Justice has charged 3 North Korean for allegedly launching cyber attacks on many of the banking and cryptocurrency networks operating across the world. All the three have admitted the crime of committing computer fraud by indulging in wire transfers and bank transactions by fraudulent means in countries like Vietnam, Philippines, […]

Hackers try to poison Florida citizens through Cyber Attack

Hackers whose intention was to kill the citizens by inducting poison into their drinking water consumption facility targeted a small town in Florida. However, the massacre was averted by timely reaction of the administrator of the water utility. Going with the details, Oldsmar, a small town in FL consisting 14,000 people as populace, was hit […]

UN confirms nuclear ambitions being fulfilled by Cyber Attacks

All these days there were speculations that North Korea is funding its nuclear ambitions with cyber attacks. But experts from United Nations have confirmed this news this week and came to an estimation that the Kim Jung UN led nation could have gathered over USD 316.4 million between November’ 2019- 2020 alone. A panel of […]

No Cyber Attack on Apple devices

From the past few months, the fear of being cyber attacked seems to have gripped most of the technologists so much that every small outage is being considered because of cyber attack. The latest goes with the February 3rd,2021 disruption witnessed across all the apple products and services and that includes iCloud, Apple Music, the […]

Russia celebrates 100th anniversary for Cyber Attacks

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President who is likely going to step down from his designation in Feb 2021 (because of health reasons) has congratulated the SVR, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service for completing its 100th anniversary on Sunday and urged them to focus more on Information Security. The president also lauded the Moscow based SVR for […]

Google down outage not because of cyber attack

From the early hours of Monday, i.e. December 14th,2020 many of the uses using Google’s online services experienced a downtime for almost two hours. And as soon as the services of the web search giant went down, people searched is “Google down” or for any Google Outage. Reacting to such queries, the internet juggernaut issued […]

Cyber Attack on US Treasury and Commerce Departments

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have issued a formal statement in the last weekend confirming a cyber attack on the Treasury and Commerce Departments of United States. Microsoft reacted to the news and said that its preliminary inquiries in association with the law enforcement have revealed that Russian intelligence service is suspected […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

After a ransomware attack on Huntsville City Schools, the School Districts in North Alabama seem to take all precautionary measures to evade such cyber attacks on the advice of the Alabama Department of Education. Decatur City Schools based in Alabama are busy training its staff and students not to click on email links sent by […]

Tips to prevent Cyber Attack risks

Education and awareness is key- Often we found that hackers induced viruses by exploiting vulnerabilities that are caused by human errors and negligence. Therefore, it is better if the company heads like CIOs and CTOs educate themselves about the latest risks and threats existing in the current cyber landscape and create awareness about the same […]

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