Cyber Attacks

Solar Panels at Risk of Cyber Attacks, warn Experts

According to experts from Digital Watchdog RDI, solar panels are now vulnerable to cyber attacks, with hackers targeting the vulnerabilities in the inverters that store energy for powering smartphones, laptops, and small electrical gadgets. This conclusion was reached after a comprehensive assessment of inverters from eight different manufacturers, revealing that none of them met even […]

NSA offers tips to safeguard home networks from cyber attacks

National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States has issued some tips to safeguard home networks from cyber attacks and they are as follows: 1.)   Always use the latest operating systems, browsers and applications that are updated with regular security patches. As such, environments cut down the vulnerability risks by 60%. 2.)   Keep the router […]

ChatGPT and Cyber Attacks

For the past few days, Microsoft funded OpenAI developed ChatGPT is trending on news headlines for different reasons. While one news channel or resource focuses more on its positives, the other tries to figure out the cons that the AI model will draw towards the humans. After passing the gold standard test (USMLE) meant to […]

Russia starts cyber attacks on the West with Germany for supporting Ukraine

Russia launched a war on Ukraine, its neighboring country, on February 24th of the year 2022. And still the Zelenskyy led nation hasn’t surrendered to Moscow, all because of the extreme support from the west, regarding arms & ammunition, essentials and, of course, funds. As the war is fast approaching the one year long milestone, […]

Indian government issues SOP to employees on Cyber Attacks

Central government employees of India will receive a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Cyber Attacks by this month and suggesting measures to take before a cyber attack and steps to mitigate risks, if in case, an organization becomes a victim to a digital attack. Amid tensions from the government of China, the Prime Minister Shri […]

White House concerned about Cyber Attacks on Chemical Sector

Biden administration seems to be extremely worried about the ongoing cyber attacks on the chemical sector and so has taken an initiative to improve the security posture of businesses operating in the said field for a period of next 100 days. Therefore, the government of the United States has issued an emergency funding to bolster […]

Employees leaving jobs because of Cyber Attacks

Encore, a security stack management business held a survey recently and found that employees will leave their jobs on a respective note as their business firm has fallen victim to a cyber attack. The study was conducted on C-suite employees, CIOs and CTOs and some office workers among whom about 60% of them believed they […]

Russian Cyber Attack acts as a wake-up call for Commercial Satellite Operators

Russia launched a cyber attack on a private satellite operator called KA-SAT Network, just after it started an invasion of Ukraine 8 months ago. Though the attack disrupted thousands of routers across the Zelensky led nation, it did some good as many commercial firms offering satellite-based services treated this attack as a wake-up call to […]

Sophos warns about simultaneous Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity firm Sophos has warned that many organizations across the globe are being targeted by simultaneous cyber-attacks, where a single corporate network is hit by multiple attackers. Research claims that the time frame to launch simultaneous cyber attacks varies and can be anything between a few days, weeks, or months. In most cases, cyber attacks […]

Cyber Attacks now being targeted as the next state level weapons

According to a security report published by Check Point Research (CPR), some nations are using cyber attacks as state level weapons to terrorize politicians and country populace. The midyear report highlighted two terms ‘Country Extortion’ and State affiliated ‘Hacktivism’ and stressed on the fact that these two terms will emerge as a major threat in […]

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