Cyber Attacks

A 50% increase in cyber attacks year on year

According to a research carried out by Check Point Research, a 50% rise in cyber attacks is being witnessed year on year and the target points were mostly touted to be the organizations operating in education/research and military or government sectors. Security researchers claim from their analysis that the year 2021 witnessed the highest volume […]

Half a billion cyber attacks thwarted by Tokyo Olympics 2021

Hackers are always interested in events that grab the attention of the entire globe and one such sporting event was the Tokyo Olympics 2020 that was postponed by the organizers because of COVID-19 Pandemic and rescheduled and held between July‚ÄďAugust 2021 i.e. in this year. A recent statement issued by the Summer Olympics Organizer from […]

Google alerts over 50k users about State funded Cyber Attacks

Google, the business subsidiary of tech giant Alphabet Inc has released a security statement that reveals that over 50,000 users were warned about state funded attacks in this year 2021, so far. Ajax Bash, the Security Engineer of Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) endorsed the statement and attributed a large global campaign to a group […]

Drilling Rigs in deepwater are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

A study conducted by a cybersecurity firm named Naval Dome has discovered that most of the drilling rigs operating in deep waters are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Naval Dome researchers found in their two-year-old study that various companies involved in oil business were mitigating cyber risks with great care. However, most of them were ill […]

Joe Biden to meet US Tech companies CEOs to protect National Infrastructure against Cyber Attacks

US President Joe Biden has invited a group of CEOs of tech companies on Wednesday to discuss issues related to cyber attacks on the national infrastructure. According to an update released by White House, the meeting is likely scheduled in the afternoon hours of August 25th,2021 and will be held behind closed doors. A source […]

Now a consortium to prevent cyber attacks on Connected Cars

Car makers Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan are all set to form a consortium that will aim to fight cyber attacks on Connected Cars. And companies like Microsoft Japan, Trend Micro, NTT Communications, Sompo Japan Insurance and few other manufacturers like Panasonic and Denso are all set to join the campaign. According to an Asian news […]

Joe Biden says cyber attacks could easily trigger a shooting war

US President Joe Biden felt that pretty soon a shooting war can erupt between nations and the reason behind it could be a cyber attack. Mr. Biden expressed his mind after a series of sophisticated attacks on SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, JBS meat and Kaseya software. Some nations (Russia and China) were trying to intimidate United […]

Airlines under constant threat of Cyber Attacks says Eurocontrol Data

From the past few months, most of the commercial airlines have witnessed a dip in their profits- all due to the fast spreading corona virus pandemic injected global shutdown of air travel. Adding to this torment is a report released by Eurocontrol that says that most of the airliners are facing the constant threat of […]

Cyber Attacks as Hybrid Warfare

United States is interested in seeking an international strategy to tackle AI based cyber attacks that are leading to hybrid warfare. However, Antony Blinken, the State Secretary said that it is not an easy task to deal and warned Russia to mend its ways when it comes to cyber warfare that is being backed by […]

China blamed for Ransomware attacks on Microsoft Exchange Servers

United States, NATO Member Countries and European Union has issued a joint statement early today accusing China for the ransomware attacks that targeted Microsoft Exchange Servers across the world and crippling computer networks of several companies. Point to be noted over here that this is for the first time that all the renowned countries of […]

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