Cyber Attacks

Sophos to put an end to TLS based Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity firm Sophos has come up with a solution that promises to put an end to TLS based cyber attacks. Its XGS Series Firewall appliance does a Transport Layer Security (TLS) inspection that is 5 times faster than what the other models offer. Thus, it helps in thwarting cyber attacks by offering unmatched detection and […]

Cyber Threat to US Satellites says Pentagon

Pentagon has issued a cyber threat warning to all satellites operating for United States that China and Russia are planning to take down their space stations through cyber attacks and not missiles. Derek Tournear, the director of Space Development Agency (SDA) said that in the next two years, both the adversaries of North America are […]

Online businesses that are most targeted by cyber attacks

The year 2020 proved disappointing to many businesses as the lockdown schedules observed across the globe incurred loss to companies in one way or the other. On the security front, a research carried out by Cybersecurity Ventures has predicted that the cyber attacks on online business will bring an estimated loss of $6 trillion to […]

Human errors leading to an increase in cyber attacks on Maritime Industry

To all those who are concerned about the increase in cyber attacks on Maritime Industry, here’s an interesting finding to analyze. During a webinar conducted by Riviera, they revealed that the Human errors are causing an increase in cyber attacks on Maritime Industry. Riviera Cybersecurity Webinar held on March 16th, 2021 gave a conclusion that […]

Nuclear Bombs in retaliation to Cyber Attacks

What if nations use Nuclear Bombs in retaliation for biological wars and digital attacks launched by Adversaries? It can devastate and could trigger a 3rd world war which could have the potential to put the entire humanity to extinct… isn’t it? Yes, what you are reading is absolutely true and Britain is all set to […]

Britain Boris Johnson speaks about Cyber Attacks

For the first time after being elected as a Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson spoke about cyber attacks on a direct note. The 57-year-old stated that Britain needs to boost its capacity to conduct cyber attacks and must also conduct digital invasions on foreign nations. “As the cyber power is evolving on a greater […]

Survey expects an increase in Cyber Attacks from North Korea

A survey taken up by CrowdStrike has confirmed that there would probably be an increase in cyber attacks from North Korea as the nation is struggling with economic crisis and food shortage in the nation because of the corona-virus pandemic. The CrowdStrike 2021 Global Threat Report also confirmed that the Kim Jong Un nation is […]

Artificial Intelligence to help against multi stage Cyber Attacks

Zero day attacks are a serious threat to computer networks, and a recent research says that the attacks can be curbed with the use of machine learning algorithms. In fact, security analysts say that the tool can prove as a cost effective solution to defend organizations from the present day cyber threats. A research carried […]

Cyber Attacks on healthcare sector increased by 45% across the globe

Security researchers from Check Point have discovered in their research that an increase in cyber attacks has been witnessed on Healthcare related organizations by 45% and the surge in figures has been witnessed since Nov’2020. Thus, it clearly suggests that organizations and businesses serving the healthcare sector are at the top of the target list […]

Russian businesses lose $49 billion to Cyber Attacks

Till date we have seen news posts regarding Russian intelligence launching cyber attacks on the West. But Sberbank, a largest money lender in Russian Federation, has released a report that claims that the loss incurred by Russian companies because of cyber attacks in 2020 was 3.6 trillion rubles or $49 billion in international currency. In […]

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