Cyber Attacks

Businesses in Europe are vulnerable to Chinese Cyber Attacks says the report

Germany based Cyber Security firm ‘NTT Security’ published an Annual Global Threat Intelligence Report in 2016 which said that cyber attacks from China constituted for less than 3% of all attacks against businesses in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Thus, the said country was placed at the 9th position in the list of the […]

Firms in UK and US fail to financially plan for Cyber Attacks

Is your organization financially ready for cyber attacks? If it isn’t so, then it is better to be late than never. A survey conducted by Lloyds Bank has revealed that only a third of UK firms have a financial plan in place to mitigate the risks associated with cyber attacks. Rest of them are either […]

Nokia eSBC software helps mitigate Cyber Attacks

Nokia has launched a new Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC) to bring in secure and high-quality IP Voice and video services to enterprise customers. Also, the software is said to have the potential to mitigate cyber attacks and block unauthorized access attempts. Nokia eSBC actually acts as gatekeeper software for applications related to enterprise communications. […]

Cyber Attacks can be thwarted with Shakthi T Microprocessor!

Cyber Attacks can now be thwarted with the help of Microprocessors eventually leading to a phase where the software based anti-virus solutions will be replaced by hardware-based silicon chips. Yes, the researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology of Madras (IIT-M) have developed a microprocessor chip which helps in protecting computer, smartphones, and tablets from […]

Britain is extremely vulnerable to Category One Cyber Attacks!

UK’s Intelligence Chief Ciaran Martin has expressed his concern over his country’s exposure to ‘Category One’ (C1) cyber attacks which could disrupt critical infrastructures such as power grids and those serving banking sector. In an interview to ‘The Guardian’ the Chief Executive Officer of the Country’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) said “ I think […]

Trump asks Pentagon for Nuclear Attacks in retaliation for Cyber Attacks!

Nations like North Korea, Russia, and China should from now on think twice before launching a cyber attack on the critical infrastructure of United States. The reason, Donald Trump’s government is reviewing a proposal of Department of Defense which says “Nuclear Attack in retaliation for a Cyber Attack”. Yes, this is what is being proposed […]

Most of the Global Industrial IT Systems are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

Security firms IOActive and Embedi released a report yesterday (January 11, 2017) which says that most of the Industrial IT Systems operated across the world and using Industrial Control Systems(ICS) technology are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks. Researchers from Embedi, a cybersecurity startup say that more than 147 cybersecurity vulnerabilities were found in 34 mobile applications […]

Lack of IT staff making companies vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

Are you concerned about the ongoing threats in cyberspace…? And are you interested in isolating your company’s digital assets from cyber attacks? Then you better hire a cybersecurity professional/s who will help you in doing so. According to a survey conducted by a cybersecurity consultancy, “2-Sec” lack of IT staff is leaving companies exposed to […]

North Korea to use Russian internet to carry out Cyber Attacks

North Korea state-funded hackers are now using the internet services of a Russian firm named TransTeleCom from Sunday this week. The plan is to carry out cyberattacks on a large scale by routing traffic to the Russian ISP. In recent years, North Korea and its leader Kim Jong UN has been blamed for cyber attacks […]

Experts say that Artificial Intelligence enhanced Cyber Attacks are Coming!

Artificial Intelligence enhanced Cyber Attacks are said to be on their way. And as per the experts, they could come in the next 12 months. But this doesn’t mean, that Robots will start marching the streets to destabilize your digital assets. Rather they will make the existing cyber attacks such as denial of service attacks, […]

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