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US accuses four Russian Government Officials for launching Cyber Attacks

United States Justice Department has accused four Russian government officials for launching cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of the Joe Biden led nation between 2012 to 2018. The accused were named in two separate hacking incidents and evidence proved them as guilty in DragonFly cyber attack affecting thousands of computers in about 135 countries. […]

Phishing Threats Increase with COVID 19 Outbreak

The recent COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way that businesses are operating around the entire country. Some businesses are forced to temporarily shut down, while others are trying to adjust to the changes of working remote and innovating new and unique ways to operate their business. Every business has been affected by this pandemic outbreak, […]

Germany creates nerd army to combat Russia and China cyber attacks

The German government has created a new nerd army to combat the increasing cyber threats coming from Russia and China. In order to save the democracy, Germany has created a new cyber response team called Mobile Incident Response Teams(MIRT). This team will have a cyber security strategy in place which will help the Germany government […]

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