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Introducing the Cyber Security & Cloud Congress North America 2024, just 10 weeks away!

Cyber Security & Cloud Congress North America 2024 is set to open its doors on June 5-6, marking a pivotal moment for cybersecurity and cloud computing professionals worldwide. Hosted in the vibrant tech hub of Santa Clara, California, this prestigious event promises an unparalleled gathering of industry professionals, thought leaders, and innovators.   Renowned speakers […]

Western Australia to invest AUS $25.5 million to bolster state cyber security services

The Government of Western Australia has pledged to invest Aus $25.5 million to bolster the state’s Cybersecurity services. And the funding will come from the available Aus$500 million financial help related to Digital Capability Fund meant to bolster the state’s current cyber capabilities of intelligence exchange, prevention, detection and response to cyber threats. Sources report […]

Biden signs a new Cyber Security Memorandum for National Security

Joe Biden, the President of United States, has signed a new pact meant to protect national security systems from external country cyber invasions. Thus, the National Security Memorandum (NSM) will from now on make it mandatory for the critical infrastructure to implement network security measures in align with the Federal Civilian Networks. To those uninitiated, […]

How to Protect Your Business Data with Cyber security

    Source 5 Cyber Security Best Practices to Protect Your Business Data Today, any company can fall victim to cybercrime, which has become a major problem around the world. Cyber attacks become more sophisticated every year. That’s why large, medium-sized, and small businesses need to become more proactive in their approach to cyber […]

Over two-thirds of workers are at risk of a cyber security attack

A recent study by telecommunications provider, TextAnywhere, looked into the screen habits of 1,000 employees in the UK and revealed that over two-thirds (67.4%) are using their mobiles for work, imposing a serious threat to business security.  Businesses need to ensure they work hard to educate their employees around safe practices when accessing platforms via […]

Cyber Threat warning to never search for these things on Google

Whether you are using a mobile phone or a laptop for your online search needs, security experts are recommending not to indulge in such activity without weighing the pros and cons on a proper note. While it is easy to gain knowledge about everything on Google these days, there is a high chance that the […]

Australia gives Cyber Tools to Police to break the ‘Dark Web’

The Australian government has given exceptional cyber tools to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) department/s to break into the dark web to track down online Pedophiles, hackers and Terrorists operating anonymously till date. An $88 million financial boost has been given to the Australian Federal Police to break into the computer network of criminals as […], SKOUT n Lookout offer Cybersecurity solutions for small businesses, which offers website-related services to Small and Medium Businesses(SMBs) is all set to offer an all-inclusive Cybersecurity solution to organizations for quickly mitigating cyber risks and safeguard their online presence from sophisticated cyber threats.   As the new solution is being offered in partnership with SKOUT Cybersecurity and Lookout, it will have a technical […]

How to keep your Work from Home strategy Cyber Secure

As many people across the world are working from home these days to keep their office operations going, hackers are seeing these devices as vulnerable points to infiltrate corporate networks. So, here are some strategies that can make your work from home experience spectacularly cyber secure.   Security experts are recommending telecommuting workers to use […]


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