Cyber warfare

Cyber Space has become a new domain for warfare, says Microsoft

Speaking at the Microsoft Envision held in London UK, Microsoft President Brad Smith said that cyberspace has become a new domain for cyber warfare. He argued that his perspective was cemented as soon as Russia started its invasion of Ukraine, where it not only attacked the nation’s populace from air, land, and water. But also […]

Cyber Attacks are being launched to tear the society fabric

Social Media is being used to tear the fabric of society apart, says Gen Sir Patrick Sanders, the top general of Britain. In a candid interview given only to Skynews via Podcast, Gen. Sanders said that the threat is not the power plants or other critical infrastructure unlike seen in films. It is going to […]

Artificial Intelligence to fuel Cyber Warfare

The relationship between Iran and America had deteriorated to such an extent that other countries are speculating a cyberwar to erupt at any moment. Technically speaking, cyberwar is a digital attack were computer viruses, DDoS campaigns and hacks are expected the digital infrastructure of enemy nations creating damage such as political instability, death of populace […]

Russia invests heavily in Cyber Attack Machine to influence US 2020 Elections

A new Cyberwarfare report revealed by Cybersecurity firm Checkpoint states that Russia has been investing heavily on a ‘Cyber Attack Machine’ from early this year which is probably aimed to disrupt or influence the US 2020 elections which are slated to be held in November next year. On learning about the cyber threat, the US […]

Israeli Army reinforces itself against cyber attacks from Russia

Israeli Navy seems to be well prepared to counter any sort of cyber attacks launched by Russia in coming days. As the Russian Aircraft Carrier approached the shores of Syria to collect intelligence digitally, Israeli Navy, as a precautionary measure, has upgraded its capabilities to counter cyber warfare by placing specially trained crew in its […]

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