Beyond Technical Skills: Making Cybersecurity More Human-Centered

[By Perry Carpenter, chief evangelist and security officer, KnowBe4]   If burglars were breaking into your front door every day, would you decide to protect your windows? This is what cybersecurity practitioners are doing and it makes no logical sense. Nearly 90 percent of cyber incidents are due to human error and yet only four […]

Microsoft and Hewlett Foundation host CyberPeace Institute

To help cyberattack victims in a streamlined way, Microsoft and Hewlett Foundation have decided to invest $5 million each to launch a CyberPeace Institute. The objective of this institute is to enhance the stability of Cyberspace to help victims of cyberattacks to come out of the situation and at the same time promote adherence to […]

GSM calls can be intercepted via Cyber Attacks says Blackberry

As most of the call communication is GSM-based across the world, Blackberry’s security research team has revealed that the calls made on Global System for Mobile(GSM) Communication standard can easily be intercepted by hackers who can not only listen to the conversations but can induce them with interpreted info which can lead to political crisis […]

Lancaster University hit by a Phishing attack

A phishing attack which took place on the database of Lancaster University is said to have offered hackers access to student data and this includes info related to applicants applying for the academic year 2019-20 like names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Highly placed sources say that the attack was of sophisticated genre and […]

Passport numbers were stolen in Equifax Cyber Attack

News is out that passport numbers of nearly half of the US population were stolen in Equifax Cyber Attack which took place last year. And the credit bureau agency admits that nearly 147 million were affected in the attack. After the congressional inquiries, it is said that over 3200 passports numbers, 12,000 social security card […]

Ransomware attack news on Dawson County and Ukraine Energy Ministry

Georgia’s Dawson County Government computers were disrupted on April 23, 2018, due to a ransomware attack and law enforcement has been pressed into service to assess the situation. The news was made official by the county’s IT analyst Will Shattuck who added that the board members were working on gauging the potential damage and will […]

Russia is targeting US and UK homes with Cyber Attacks

Russia is all set to launch a major cyberattack on home routers, ISPs and business firewalls located in UK and US says a joint statement issued by US Department of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA and UK’s National Cyber Security Center. Security analysts suggest that Russia is turning into a most capable hostile adversary in cyberspace […]

Finger Lakes Health pays ransom to avoid ransomware attack repercussions

Finger Lakes Health a multi-institutional health system has made it official that it paid a ransom to avoid cyberattack repercussions. Lara Turbide, the vice president of the healthcare community admitted this news and appreciated the entire community, patients, residents, family members and employees for being patient during the crisis. As per the sources reporting to […]

Cyber Attack forces Panama Papers firm to close its business

Mossack Fonseca, the firm behind the scandal of Panama Papers has made it official that it is going to shut its business by this March end due to repercussions of the cyber attack. In a recent news post aired by Sky News, the firm explained how a cyber attack brought its operations to international attention […]

US SEC issues new Cybersecurity Guidelines

United States Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC)  has issued new guidelines to companies on when to report a cyber attack. And security analysts say that the guidelines are lacking teeth, even after the commotion created by Equifax saga. In general, it has been 7 full years since SEC has advised companies on how to disclose details […]

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