Cybersecurity Research Topics for Beginners: Exploring the Fundamentals

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for individuals and organizations alike. Aspiring cybersecurity researchers often wonder where to start and what areas to explore. This article aims to provide a comprehensive list of cybersecurity research topics suitable for beginners, helping them delve into the fundamentals of this rapidly evolving field. By […]

Exploring Cybersecurity Research Topics for Master’s Degree Studies

As the field of cybersecurity continues to evolve and expand, pursuing a Master’s degree in this discipline offers an opportunity to delve into cutting-edge research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in this critical area. Whether you’re passionate about securing networks, protecting data, or investigating cyber threats, choosing the right research topic is crucial […]

The Vital Importance of Cybersecurity for Profit-Making Organizations

In today’s digital age, profit-making organizations across industries are increasingly reliant on technology and the internet to conduct their operations. While this technological advancement brings numerous benefits, it also exposes businesses to various cybersecurity risks. Protecting sensitive data, customer information, financial records, and intellectual property has become a critical priority. In this article, we will […]

Cyber Security vs Data Science: Which is best pay wise

With the increasing use of technology, the demand for professionals with expertise in Cyber Security and Data Science has also been on the rise. Both fields are known to have good career prospects and lucrative salaries. However, when it comes to comparing the two, which field pays better? In this article, we will explore the […]

How social engineering is related to Cybersecurity

Social engineering is a term used to describe the manipulation of people into revealing sensitive information or performing actions that they otherwise wouldn’t. It is an ever-increasing threat to cybersecurity, as it can be used to gain unauthorized access to systems, steal sensitive data, or carry out fraudulent activities. Social engineering is an age-old tactic […]

Will you entrust cybersecurity to AI as per Microsoft

OpenAI-developed conversational AI ChatGPT is hitting the news headlines almost daily, and as it is now a part of Microsoft, the software giant is also getting a lot of credit for devising such a tool that can do anything and everything…well, almost! Microsoft, which is busy integrating the services of the chatbot into its software […]

Difference between Cybersecurity and Information Security

Many of you get confused with terms cybersecurity and Information Security and think that both these words are same and synonymous. However, in reality, both these terms are different and confused with one another. Cybersecurity is one of the significant business function that focuses on protecting IT infrastructure such as data, applications, communication infrastructure and […]

Cyber threat as security staff reduction increases during holidays

As holidays season is fast approaching, most of the companies are interested in cutting down their operational costs by cutting security staff by 70% on weekend and holidays. But such a trend could lead to a serious scenario, where hackers can infiltrate the database, but the activity remains anonymous till the staff count returns to […]

Cybersecurity chief of Germany sacked because of Russian links

Germany’s Cybersecurity Chief of the country was sacked from his post on Tuesday this week, following media reports that he had links with Kremlin. Arne Schonbohm will remain under suspension from his Federal duties until further orders, Nancy Faeser, the spokesperson of the Internal Ministry, acknowledged the incident as true and added that the suspension […]

Difference between Information Security and Cybersecurity

There is a confusion among a few that the terms Information Security and Cybersecurity are the same as the two areas take the same strides to a large extent. But technically in practical, both are different, and here’s a brief explanation to prove. Information Security- Protection of information and the information storing systems from unauthorized […]

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