US orders for cybersecurity breach reports from railroads and airlines

The Transportation Security Administration of United States has asked all agencies involved in public transportation to submit a report by March 2022 about any cybersecurity breaches that took place in recent months. Thus, airport operators, rail operators and those involved in road transport should submit a report on the Cybersecurity incidents that took place in […]

DHS offers program to recruit and retain talent in Cybersecurity

Department of Homeland Security, shortly known as DHS, has launched a Cyber Talent Management System (CTMS) that offers a scope to recruit and retail cybersecurity talent. It is a kind of methodical approach made by the law enforcement agency to hire, develop, and retain the best talent in security. As Information Technology usage is growing, […]

China makes cybersecurity inspections mandatory for companies

China has made cybersecurity inspections mandatory for companies interested in applying for Hong Kong’s Public offering. The rule is being applied strongly across all business sections and will imply to companies that are handling sensitive data of over 1 million people. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) is the authorizing power behind this mandatory law […]

Free Cybersecurity Training for SMBs

Curricula, an Atlanta based security company, is offering a free training in Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Business (SMBs) employees. The security awareness training will be offered in a virtual mode designed to defend organizations holding an employee count of over 1000 employees. So, companies small and medium can take the help of the awareness […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

1.) Big news, the Biden administration is offering a $10m reward for those offering any valid information on the DarkSide Ransomware Group that shut down fuel supply of Colonial Pipeline until a ransom was paid. Besides the announced $10m reward in USD, the State Department has also announced a $5 million reward for those who […]

Salary given to cybersecurity specialists in UK

All you IT professionals out there in UK, are you interested in making Cybersecurity as your main career option…? If so, here’s an article which throws light on your earnings as per the designation or the role you play in a company. Cyber Security Analyst is paid £40k as a minimum basic pay and the […]

Microsoft to offer cyber security training in community colleges across US

Microsoft has announced that it is going to offer cyber security training to interested students who are studying in community colleges across the United States. To reach its aim, the American tech giant has announced that it is going to invest millions of dollars on nurturing new talent to fill 250,000 jobs lying vacant in […]

New certification in Network Defense, Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics

EC Council, that can smartly abbreviated as the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants, has started a new certification program that offers MOOC certification series. Mooc stands for massive open online course, a training program that offers essential certifications in cybersecurity that includes courses related to network defense, ethical hacking and digital forensics. It will […]

Australian government announces Cyber Security skills program

Australian government has for the first time announced a cyber security skills program that will act as a $14.9 million initiative in training and hiring fresh batch of professional talent in Cybersecurity Science. Questcon’s Cyber Ready Program that has study material and training modules for students across primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Melissa Price, the […]

US CISA offers $2M award for Cybersecurity training

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency(CISA) of United States has announced that it will offer $2 million as funding to develop Cybersecurity Workforce Training Programs. Currently, NPower and CyberWarrior have received the funding to train unemployed and underemployed in cyberspace that not only helps create awareness on how the cyber world has developed these days, but […]

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