Cyber threat as security staff reduction increases during holidays

As holidays season is fast approaching, most of the companies are interested in cutting down their operational costs by cutting security staff by 70% on weekend and holidays. But such a trend could lead to a serious scenario, where hackers can infiltrate the database, but the activity remains anonymous till the staff count returns to […]

Cybersecurity chief of Germany sacked because of Russian links

Germany’s Cybersecurity Chief of the country was sacked from his post on Tuesday this week, following media reports that he had links with Kremlin. Arne Schonbohm will remain under suspension from his Federal duties until further orders, Nancy Faeser, the spokesperson of the Internal Ministry, acknowledged the incident as true and added that the suspension […]

Difference between Information Security and Cybersecurity

There is a confusion among a few that the terms Information Security and Cybersecurity are the same as the two areas take the same strides to a large extent. But technically in practical, both are different, and here’s a brief explanation to prove. Information Security- Protection of information and the information storing systems from unauthorized […]

UK amends cybersecurity rules for Telecom Service Providers

Britain has re-amended a few of the cybersecurity guidelines for the telecom operators rendering services in the region. And the regulations seem to be highly stringent in the world- hmmm, at least of paper. National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) a cyber arm of GCHQ, has devised Telecommunication Security Act in November 2021. Now, it has […]

Russian war on Ukraine has made organizations change cybersecurity tactics

In a survey conducted by Venafi, it was found that 66% of business firms have changed their security strategies. And the same number of them sensed that the ongoing conflict has either affected them directly or indirectly in the past 6 months. Respondents who took part in the survey confirmed that the conflict of Moscow […]

Nokia starts a Cybersecurity Testing Lab for 5G Networks

Nokia, once renowned for its amazing mobile phones, has now developed a testing lab completely dedicated to cybersecurity in the United States. The new Dallas, Texas-based Advanced Security Testing and Research (ASTaR) Lab will be fully based on a 5G network and will be useful in putting IoT products based on 5G to test against […]

Singapore to issue license to cybersecurity vendors

Singapore government has announced that it is going to issue licenses to all cybersecurity vendors that will enable them to continue in business. All they have to do is to apply for the license in the next six months if they do not wish to fake the possibility of a jail term. According to the […]

Top 8 trusted cybersecurity companies in the world

As soon as the government of the United States announced a ban on Russian security software provided by Kaspersky, all the system administrators working across the world searched for the most trusted cybersecurity software companies in the world. Here’s an article that throws some light on this issue and will help in providing the best […]

Microsoft pledges to fill 3.5 million cybersecurity vacancies

Microsoft has taken a vow to fill in the vacant 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs on a global note by expanding its security skilling initiative to additional 23 countries. The plan is to fill in the vacancies as quickly as possible and help diversify the industry. As per Kate Behnken, the VP and Lead of Microsoft […]

Revenue for Cybersecurity firms in UK increased by 14 percent

Cybersecurity firms in UK have witnessed an increase in revenue by 14% says a survey that involved respondents from the tech sector of Britain. And stats are in that the year 2021 witnessed a 14% increase in the annual revenue earned by the security firms operating in and around United Kingdom taking the tally to […]

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