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1.) Big news, the Biden administration is offering a $10m reward for those offering any valid information on the DarkSide Ransomware Group that shut down fuel supply of Colonial Pipeline until a ransom was paid. Besides the announced $10m reward in USD, the State Department has also announced a $5 million reward for those who […]

US DOJ recovers more than half of ransomware payment of Colonial Pipeline hack

In May this year, the United States fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline made a payment of $4.4 million in Bitcoins to DarkSide hacking group for freeing up its servers from the file-encrypting malware.   Now, the US Department of Justice has issued a media update stating that a majority of the ransom payment was recovered from […]

DarkSide Ransomware gang targets Toshiba Business

After hitting US Fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline, DarkSide Ransomware Group has now targeted Toshiba Business that offers printing and scanning equipment and tools to businesses worldwide. Although the incident was identified on Friday, Toshiba TEC Corporation decided to reveal these details early today after its IT staff in association with the third-party technical team finished […]

DarkSide Ransomware demands $2,000,000

All these days we have seen cyber criminals spreading file encrypting malware and then demanding a ransom ranging from $5k to $2 million. But here’s a new variant of ransomware that debuted on August 10, 2020 demanding millions of dollar as ransom. Recently, a Toronto based company became a victim of the said ransomware and […]

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