data backup

New Ransomware hits NAS Backup Drives

All those who are storing their backup data on NAS Drives here’s a news piece that could trigger a thought of the day in...

Ransomware attack on Dental Offices across US United States

A Ransomware Attack which took place on the Digital Dental Record and PerCSoft software operating in the dental offices across the United States is...

All you Google+ users out there, better backup your data

Google + announced in last December that it is going to shut down its social networking services in April’19. Now, it has started to...

Study confirms Manufacturing companies are more vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Companies involved in manufacturing business are said to be more exposed to cyber attacks. This was revealed in a Deloitte study, titled Manufacturers...

Password change doesn’t boost your enterprise cyber security

As data security concerns are increasing day by day, most security experts say that frequent password change can bolster enterprise cyber security. But...
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