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How to Achieve Maximum Security in Virtualized Data Centers

Virtualized data centers have become the backbone of modern IT infrastructure, offering scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. However, as data center virtualization continues to grow, ensuring utmost security has become paramount. This article explores strategies and best practices for achieving maximum security in virtualization filled data centers, safeguarding your critical assets, and maintaining compliance with industry […]

Know how Google, Microsoft, and Facebook protect user data from Cyber Attacks

Cyber landscape has evolved a lot in recent years and so are the hackers who are always on the prowl to exploit even the slightest vulnerability. Amid these concerns is the cyber threat coming from state actors who threaten to conduct espionage on critical and sensitive government data. Therefore, it has become critical for the […]

Iran Datacenters running on Cisco Switches become Cyber Attack victims

Data Centers running in Iran were hacked by a cyber group on Friday last week. The cyber crooks claimed themselves to be from the United States as they displayed a message along with the US Flag on some hacked server screens saying “Do not mess with our elections”. But researchers from Cisco Talos confirm that […]

Data Centers are extremely vulnerable to Ransomware Threats

Malware spreading cyber crooks are now targeting enterprise infrastructure with Ransomware and this was confirmed in a research carried out by Seattle based F5 Networks. F5 Networks added in its security report some details about a South Korean based hosting firm Nayana which was targeted by ransomware. The firm’s data center was hit by data […]

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